Joint gas heavy-duty LNG heavy truck promotes significant effect in Henan

Recently, the official website of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group reported that as of February 17, Zhengzhou Branch of CNHTC Jinan Commercial Vehicle Sales Department had received more than 40 natural gas heavy truck orders in less than two months, achieving the first quarter of 2013. . “In addition to the two orders for Jinan Trucks and Jining Commercial Vehicles that I am responsible for, in fact, as of now, Heavy Gas has more than 100 orders for customers in the Henan market.” February 27, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Sales Henan Branch Xu Yong, general manager of the company, told the reporter.

In the 2nd "Rundi Cup" I trusted in the commercial vehicle power evaluation in 2012, CNHTC T12 series natural gas engine wins the gas group award in recognition of its outstanding performance in the truck sector - "My trusted commercial Car Power Award (Natural Gas)". “Gas products are the highlights and advantages of CNHTC.” Yu Youde, deputy general manager of China National Heavy Duty Trucks, said at the award ceremony that the good start of the Henan market in 2013 is exactly the embodiment of this advantage.

The demand for gas stations in the market is relatively complete

It is understood that the Henan market's current order of more than 100 vehicles includes tractors, dump trucks, mixers and other models, with 340-horsepower natural gas engine configuration mostly, and all for the country V emissions.

“In the past two years, the domestic economic environment has not been very satisfactory. The entire transportation industry has also been affected by the unfavorable situation. The user’s cost is mainly spent on fuels, tires, and daily maintenance. In these, the freight will not increase. Only by reducing the daily operating costs to reduce costs and expenses.” Xu Yong analysis: “According to the current data, heavy truck oil and gas consumption in the fuel cost is basically saving more than 1 yuan per kilometer, the economic benefit is obvious.” Directly driven by market demand, according to reports, in 2012, only heavy truck truck company has achieved sales of more than 6000 LNG products.

Regardless of the market demand or the environmental protection situation of the country, the proportion of LNG heavy trucks in the total sales volume of heavy trucks will be higher and higher, but the basic conditions such as gas filling stations are not complete, and have become a major factor restricting their development. . “Two or three years ago we were still trying to promote LNG vehicles. The main problem was that the gas filling stations could not be solved. Now, after various manufacturers, gas companies and other parties have advanced, there are at least 30 LNG refueling stations with gas filling capabilities in the entire Henan region. There are more homes under construction.” Xu Yong said that the relative improvement of gas station construction in Henan is an important prerequisite for the rapid development of local LNG heavy trucks.

Advanced Products Take Effect of Marketing Marketing

The huge potential for development of natural gas vehicles has made it a hot spot market for heavy truck manufacturers in the past two years, and the market competition has become increasingly fierce. Speaking of the achievements made by heavy truck natural gas heavy trucks in the beginning of the year in Henan, Xu Yong believes that marketing and products are the two main reasons.

The first is the adjustment of the marketing model. At the 2013 business conference in December last year, Cai Dong, general manager of CNHTC, stated that since 2013, CNHTC will fully implement the marketing strategy of the sub-series, effectively integrate the channels according to the principle of authorized lines, and improve each strain. Market competitiveness. "This is a major adjustment." Xu Yong said, "In recent years, including all of our competitors, due to fierce competition, each of them is not very satisfactory in regional price control. This adjustment makes the construction of heavy truck channels. Strengthen and fundamentally solve the drawbacks of the original sales model and promote the sales of LNG products and even all products."

The second is the technological advancement of the product. “The technical leading strategy of CNHTC makes our product platform more and more advanced and has advanced technology.” Xu Yong introduced. CNHTC Natural Gas Engine is a new generation of electronically controlled, lean-burn, natural gas engines that are jointly developed and developed by the United States Econtrols Corporation and have fully independent intellectual property rights and are in the advanced world level. “And most of the other competing products use the natural gas system of WoodWood in the United States.” He added that after several years of actual market operation, the Econtrols natural gas system adopted by CNHTC gradually showed its advantages. “This is also our second run.” One of the reasons why the Di's Cup 'reliable commercial vehicle awards can be awarded is that many of our competitors are now relying on our systems."

In addition, natural gas vehicles are still in the initial stage of promotion. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles with different usage conditions and usage habits, CNHTC specializes in providing dedicated personnel for natural gas heavy trucks to provide after-sales services. Each gas vehicle must be serviced by the manufacturer. Revisit each customer once a week. In terms of car purchase services, in addition to traditional consumer loans, the development of other financial services such as financial leasing has also played a role in the sales of heavy truck natural gas heavy trucks.

“There are so many gas stations in the country that sometimes there will be refueling tensions. The promotion of natural gas heavy trucks requires gas source protection as a prerequisite.” Xu Yong said that joint promotion with gas companies is also one of the sales strategies of heavy trucks. SINOTRUK held several natural gas product user promotion conferences and product exhibitions and other promotional activities in the Henan region in conjunction with PetroChina Kunlun Energy, Sinopec, West Blue Gas, and New Austrian natural gas supply companies, and conducted multiple visits to key customers and key regional markets. Exchanges have achieved remarkable results.

In October 2012, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, Kunlun Energy (Shandong) Co., Ltd., Bank of Communications Qingdao Branch and Guorong (International) Finance Leasing Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement for LNG heavy truck financing leasing in Jinan. “This is one of the ways we and the energy companies jointly promote, and it belongs to a comprehensive and multi-faceted cooperation, such as consumer credit for LNG products, user's gas concessions, and even gas bottle discounts.” Xu Yong said. Compared with the fuel vehicles, the increased cost of gas vehicles is mainly on gas tanks, and the price of a single gas tank is more than 30,000 yuan. "In this way, CNG's LNG users can enjoy the service of renting gas tanks in some areas, in addition to enjoying refueling, in order to reduce the pressure on users in terms of car purchase costs."

Think of what users think

Whether it is the transformation of marketing strategies, the technological advancement of products, or joint promotion with gas companies, these are the sales methods implemented by the entire group of CNHTC. So apart from these, what Henan Henan branch led by Xu Yong actually did more specific work, so that the Henan market has achieved good results? When asked about this issue, Xu Yong said: "There is too much work done in this, and I also have no idea which one or more factors play a greater role."

For example, logistics users must pursue profitability, and Xu Yong found that many users, especially logistics companies, have commonalities based on their own years of experience in sales. So, they put all the customers together, systematically categorize them, and then "prescribe the right medicine," targeted development. “For example, some customers have funds and sources of goods, but we don’t have enough vehicles. We recommend them to buy cars; while some customers have sources of goods, vehicles, and other aspects, but lack of funds, then we provide them with consumer credit.” Xu Yong explained.

Providing value-added services to customers is also a way to maintain and expand customer resources. "Sometimes, customers really do not need to buy a new car, but the supply of goods at hand is sufficient, and we will coordinate other logistics companies that need supply to run the business, so that customers have a horizontal cross between." Xu Yong told reporters.

Then there is secondary marketing. Xu Yong said that customers are the first marketing before buying a car, and sales after entering the car are secondary marketing. "We will expand the scope of pre-sale services, such as telling customers the use of LNG heavy-duty trucks and precautions during the delivery of the car, including supercharger, starter and other components and vehicle precautions. Explain to the customer the maintenance of the vehicle when it is used, etc.” Xu Yong said that all the links in the sales process must be “fine and small”, and there are many “doing things”.

Word of mouth keeps rising

A heavy-duty truck customer in Jiaozuo City has LNG heavy trucks such as heavy-duty trucks and other heavy-duty trucks. After actual operation, the user said that the entire company's Jiaozuo-Shenmu transportation line has a total length of 1,000 kilometers and uses the same brand of gas. The heavy-duty LNG trucks in the same horsepower segment are One-way brand gas mileage savings of 380 yuan.

"The biggest advantage of heavy-duty LNG products is that the key components such as engines, axles, and transmissions are produced by the company itself, and the gas consumption can be reduced through the best vehicle matching." said Xu Yong. For example, for the same type of vehicle with the same horsepower, heavy-duty LNG heavy trucks can maintain engine speeds of 1350 to 1400 revolutions per minute with a total vehicle load of 55 tons and a high-speed speed limit of 90 km/h. The engine speed of similar models of other manufacturers on the same road section and at the same speed is maintained at 1700 to 1800 rpm. “The overall gas consumption of CNHTC LNG products has dropped drastically.”

According to reports, CNHTC is currently able to provide its customers with 260 to 410 hp V-gas vehicles. The coverage of the products is very wide, and users' feedback is also very good. This makes the heavy-duty trucks' reputation in the Henan area continue to rise. Therefore, when talking about this year's LNG market, Xu Yong said that he was "very confident and that he had enough confidence every year."

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