Large drawing press compressed air pressurization technology

2 The first phase of the knives, the large-scale drawing press, compressed air boosting technology, Chen Ming, Feng Tie, Song Yang, Wang Jianxin, the large-scale drawing press, the application of the booster system to replace the traditional Air Compressor boosting system, The failure rate of the pneumatic system is reduced, the manufacturing and procurement costs are greatly reduced, and the economic benefits are considerable.

Key words pressurized air compressor Air compressor booster valve because of pneumatic control, rapid response, sensitive maintenance, simple use, safe, no media cost, low pressure loss, easy to concentrate, long-distance transport, etc., so in large drawing presses and Its automation line is widely used, such as pneumatic control friction clutch brake balance cylinder stretching pad hydraulic compensator overload protection valve punching cylinder stretching pad locking device mold clamping mechanism flywheel brake micro-motion brake manipulator and other components are applied This technology.

Abrasion resistance and certain toughness, in order to avoid the blade wear in the harsh working environment, the blade wears too fast and the local breakage causes the gas supply pressure of the factory during the dry period. 0 one. 0 position, while the large drawing press is limited by its own structural size J, the drawing pad cylinder is often designed to be the right pressure of the sundial, so a pressurized system should be installed in the gas system.

The traditional pressurized gas path structure is shown in the figure.

The road is called a low-pressure gas path, and the factory gas source is inflated through the one-way valve to the high-pressure gas path.

According to the air consumption of the press, one or two small air compressors are used to fill the high-tech hills and roads through the one-way valve. See.

Small air compressors are generally motor driven and pressure switch controlled.

In effect.

The inspection position, shot, and see table can be seen from the table, we developed the Sichuan-Tingchuan Tuanchuan life knife ring installation tool position, the distance of the excavation, the import of the corps, the amount of wear, the large loss of the dielectric loss rate Branch.

The intestines are heavy in January.

One month of the same month.

Kobuki 7 is close to or equal to the level of the knife ring made by German company W.

The user believes that the main technical performance materials of the cutter ring are at the leading position in the domestic manufacturing process and can be used in the production of the company.

When some parts are likely to be used for construction, it is necessary to use the rat's first heavy mechanical collection area to use the circle developed by the company, and to the Gejiao factory in Zhizhi, the life is close to the prison.

There are significant benefits in the litigation.

Conclusion With the development of China's basic industry, the South-to-North Water Transfer Project, the Yellow River Diversion Project, and the Railway and Highway Engineering have been started.

Among them, the date instrument Pingyue Wang Lijuan Yizhong Group Design and Research Institute engineer Xu Wenkui Yin Libin Yizhong Group Company design two questions gang 2 grab a A search for the factory gas source to ensure that the pressure of the Peng Yu teaching factory such as Feizhen Jie, such as Shijiejie One piece of air compressor, one air separator, one gate valve, one check valve.

The picture is called Dian side bow bow in the water filter blame a check valve a pressure reducing valve an automatic drainage reading a swallow a supercharger pressure gauge a safe reading Hong Yong B Liu Liu a silencer in the application of the ring Frequent failure rate, high purchase price, high maintenance cost, low service life and shortcomings.

When the stretching pad is filled and exhausted, the pressurization standby time is long, which affects the efficiency of the press and the connection.

With the continuous development of pneumatic technology, the pressurized gas path uses a pressurized reading group instead of a small air compressor structure, as shown in the figure.

The circuit is low pressure, and the factory air source is inflated through the check valve to the high pressure air line.

A set of (a) booster valve or a two-component booster valve is used to achieve boost according to the press air consumption.

The booster valve uses the company's range of products to increase the pressure of the plant's air supply.

The pressure reducing valve pilot controls the pressure output of the booster valve.

The pressurized compressed air pressure can be used by the press after entering the high pressure gas path through the check valve.

Compared with small air compressors, booster valves have the advantages of simple structure, low failure rate, long service life, low cost, stable performance and reliability.

The booster valve boosting technology can effectively reduce the failure rate of the press, save maintenance costs and spare parts procurement costs, shorten the mold change time, and improve the press start efficiency.

The conclusion uses a booster valve pressurization system to replace the traditional air pressure sweep U-pressure system, which is a new technology used in large-scale drawing presses in China.

With this technology, the device utilization rate can be greatly improved, and the failure rate is correspondingly reduced.

This system is recommended for a wider range of press applications.

Date and Year of the Year Chen Mingyi Group Management Design Research Ni Kuang Grade Engineer Feng Tie Song Yang Yi Group Division Design and Research Institute of Engineers Wang Jianduan, a group of companies, the design of the Institute of Research and Research, the constitutional senior engineer

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