· Lead-acid batteries will not be eliminated within 10 years

Judging from the current developments, as well as car battery suppliers and car manufacturers, 12-volt lead-acid batteries are unlikely to be completely replaced by 2020. Battery manufacturers and car manufacturers have jointly filed an application with the European Union, hoping that lead-acid batteries will continue to receive immunity from hazardous substances regulations. The International Lead Industry Association mentioned in a statement that starting lead-acid batteries are also a necessity for all cars in the world for several years to come.
The application was submitted to the EU regulatory authorities in a very formal manner, and the EU has conducted a public review of lead-acid batteries in accordance with many standards such as the Scrap Vehicle Guidelines. The program does intend to ban lead materials from continuing to appear on vehicles, but a joint group of battery manufacturers, automakers and industry associations has requested an open exemption for lead-acid batteries to allow them to continue for another eight years.
A study by the joint body of the study showed that there is currently no viable replacement for lead-acid batteries that will allow the vehicle to start in a cold climate. The study also mentioned that 99% of lead-acid batteries are now recycled and reused in the EU; compared to the car's own negative impact on the environment, such a high recycling rate makes the battery have minimal impact. . In addition, the latest lead-acid battery start-stop system and micro-hybrid system have significantly reduced the carbon emissions of automobiles and have a positive impact on the environment.
Although high-performance car manufacturers offer many lithium-ion battery packs as an optimization option, most of them are used in compact, light-weight models. No large-size models are equipped with products other than 12-volt lead-acid batteries. As the starting ignition power supply.
In addition to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, the Japan and South Korean Automobile Manufacturers Association also supported the lead-acid battery exemption application.

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