LED lights bring companies to call for industry to not vicious competition

After years of hard work, LED lights have caused many dealers and consumers to be deeply injured. Everyone started to doubt the LED light strip industry, which will be fatal for the entire industry. Just as Qian Dinglin, chairman of Jiangmen Jiasheng Lighting Co., Ltd. said: In the event that the LED light strip became the worst synonym in the LED industry, it indicates that the industry has died. It is in this context that a group of enterprises represented by Qian Dinglin began to call on the industry not to vicious competition, and enterprises need to be self-disciplined. Calling on the industry not to carry out vicious competition Jiang Ding Jiasheng Lighting Co., Ltd. Chairman Qian Dinglin SMD lamp belt industry has developed for 4 years, we have also done 4 years of lamp belt. In the future, the technology of the light strip will not have much breakthrough, because the positioning of the light strip is a decorative effect, not illumination. Therefore, the pursuit of product stability and ease of use. Including the next five years, the light belt can not be replaced by other products, it depends on who can persist for 5 years, if the company's research and development can not keep up, it may have to be eliminated. However, in the market competition in recent years, in order to seize the customer resources, many manufacturers continue to depress the added value of the products, because before they did not pay attention to quality, using the worst raw materials to make products, so after several years of market development, resulting in The damage has not been restored so far. In the long run, the price war is very unfavorable to the development of the industry. Price wars can be done strategically, but long-term destructiveness to the industry is great. In the unlikely event that the LED strip became the worst synonym for the LED industry, the industry has died. Therefore, I appeal to the industry not to vicious competition, which will affect the entire industry, enterprises should be self-disciplined, and do not ruin the industry. In order to ensure stable product quality, supplier selection is crucial. Li Xiaoping, general manager of Zhongshan Auman Technology Lighting Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the LED industry for 10 years and is one of the best LED manufacturers in the same industry. For ten years, Auman Lighting has created a high-quality, high-performance, high-value product for global consumers, and has begun its difficult and tortuous steps. As the saying goes, ten years of grinding a sword, in this decade, Auman Lighting has strong advantages in LED lighting field with excellent management talents and technical talents as well as strong product development and production capacity, especially in LED lights. With the field, it has created remarkable achievements and became the veritable king of the lamp. The status and dazzling achievements of Auman Lighting today are for Auman Lighting, no matter what stage the company develops, it will never What has changed is the focus and persistence of research in the field of light strips. Auman Lighting will continue to devote its efforts to the production, research and development and sales of LED strips, and use the core to make every light strip.

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