LED market: customer loyalty declines cost is critical

In order to understand the current living conditions of large and full-scale enterprises and small and specialized enterprises, the special planning team is divided into two groups. A questionnaire is designed for the manufacturers and distributors, and the customer questionnaire and market visits are completed. Investigation task.
As mentioned above, the object of this survey is to refer to those companies that focus on the segmentation field and the products are more specialized in the segmentation field. The meaning of the enterprise is larger and the product line is more comprehensive. However, enterprises with more or less defects in product cost performance and channels. According to the data from the questionnaire survey of this market survey, 40 of the surveyed manufacturers belonged to a large and comprehensive category, and 60 of the surveyed manufacturers belonged to a detailed and specialized category.
Through the investigation, the reporter found that the number of dealers who specialize in a brand has decreased. In the same batch of dealers, in the past, the dealers who specialized in one brand reached 74, and now only 63 dealers are dedicated to a brand. As a result, the dealers’ loyalty to the brand has declined. Enterprises will not accelerate their price/performance ratio, and the number of loyal customers will gradually decrease.
According to the survey results of the dealers, the dealers now have a variety of main products, and there is no excessive concentration of sales of certain types of products. However, it can be seen from their main products that dealers sell more products that are more common in the market and are more popular with customers. Those non-mainstream products account for a small share.
There are many reasons for dealers to choose a certain brand of products, but the new products on the brand are fast, the products are the fist products of their brands, and the high cost performance of the products is the main reason for the dealers to make the final choice. Dealers said that these three main reasons have a great impact on the sales of products, as dealers, of course, they will choose products that are better sold.
Most of the dealers now purchase products to specialize in a brand. Only 4% of the products of different categories choose different brands. Many dealers said that they have been acting for a certain brand before, and they have been acting for the brand for a long time. The two sides have formed a kind of trust, too lazy to change other brands.
Compared with the present, the previous dealers have more choices to specialize in a brand of products, and the dealers who choose to purchase more than 20%. The dealer said that he didn't think so much before, just to see which brand of products sold well, which brand to represent, even if other brands are not so good brands have good products, they will not go to the agent.
The results of the manufacturer's survey are based on the product category survey selected by the customer. There are 35 products purchased in 12 categories, and 20, 35 categories in the whole category are the choices of most customers when purchasing products. The ratio is 45; From the point of view of the profit point of the product, the profit is 5 to 40, and the profit can reach 20 or more. So far only a few companies can do it.
In the investigation, the reporter found that lighting companies produce the largest proportion of LED tube / spotlights, LED ceiling lamps as fist products, followed by LED ceiling lights, the above three products have become a necessity for lighting companies. Modern people's demands for living environment at home have been continuously improved. Most of them advocate that the living environment can create a simple and warm atmosphere. The LED home lighting has sprung up in recent years. LED products have begun to break into the home with the advantages of simple appearance and energy saving. Lights, followed by companies seize opportunities and vigorously develop production to meet the needs of consumers.
In the market survey, the reporter also found a phenomenon: the more comprehensive the products are, the more his fist products may not be. One of them has a comprehensive product line and four kinds of fist products. This is what the reporter is doing in the investigation. The only one that arrived was in the market questionnaire for recycling. One type of fist product is the status quo of most companies, followed by three kinds of fist products. According to statistics, the products with the highest sales volume, LED tube/spotlight, LED skylight and LED ceiling lamp are three-legged, which is far ahead of other products, which reflects the huge potential of the overall future market prospects.

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