· LeTV will cooperate with Coolpad to build 5G era car networking

Seven months after the announcement of the "supercar", LeTV's car-making plan finally had a substantial action.
As a new leader, LeEu EUI senior vice president of research and development and car network CTO Rao Hong will lead the LeTV network and LeEu EUI R & D team to build a car version of the human-computer interaction system and open platform, "LeTV will cooperate with Coolpad on 5G technology, Create the fastest and most cool car network in history, and achieve a fast and seamless integration between various mobile terminals.
Layout 5G network As early as the end of June, LeTV invested 2.18 billion yuan to join the mobile phone manufacturer Coolpad. Coolpad is a major player and contributor to 5G's global technology and standards research activities. It is a member of China's IMT-2020 (5G) promotion group. Coolpad has been at the forefront of the industry in the research and development of 5G technology. After Le Shi’s shareholding in Cool, it can be said that the “overtaking” of the corner has successfully entered the “national team” of 5G technology. According to Zhou Mingyi, vice president of Coolpad Group, the biggest feature of 5G is the Internet of Everything. It will support the Internet of Everything, including the Internet of Vehicles, unmanned driving, etc. All need to have sufficient bandwidth in the process of flow. 5G is faster than 4G. Times.
"The arrival of the 5G era is not only a leap in speed, but more importantly, it solves the problem of communication between people and things, and between things and things, that is, the Internet of Everything. This is how LeTV can build more. The screen linkage ecosystem has a strong backing in communication technology response.” Rao said that the improvement of 5G technology will accelerate the development of vehicle networking. In Rao Hong's view, the current automobile industry is just like the mobile phone industry a few years ago. The over-closed industrial chain does not require new technologies to reform. "A closed industry can be subverted as long as someone wants to go in. The ecosystem that LeTV is committed to can be such a subversive force." Rao Hong believes.
Similarly, Zhou Mingyi’s vision of the future of the Internet of Vehicles, “its technology is not in the automotive machinery sector, the real core link is in its ecosystem, or in its nervous system, how it works, how to interact with people, these things Network support is required. Many ecological links end up in the terminal, and the terminal is based on the network. Everyone must integrate into this point in the future. The future is composed of networks, terminals, and ecosystems."
The car network speeds up to the LeTV ecosystem. At present, LeTV's platform for building an ecosystem is LeEco EUI. LeEu EUI is an intelligent eco-interaction system based on the unique LeTV Ecology. It is based on LeTV's ecosystem to create a cross-terminal cloud. The human-machine operating system with the same screen and multi-screen experience will realize the seamless integration of super TV, super mobile phone and future super car screen in the future. Rao Hong is a leading technology leader in the field of mobile TV in China. He led the team to build the first original mobile phone OS in China and was regarded as the first person in China to independently develop the mobile platform system. Undoubtedly, LeTV values ​​the advantages and working background of Rao Hong in terms of operating system. On the one hand, Rao Hong can accelerate the integration of LeTV into the music industry, and on the other hand, it provides technology for the future strategic layout of LeTV. backing.
According to LeTV, LeTV has already cooperated with BAIC and Aston Martin. At the same time, LeTV has also negotiated with many brands, including domestic and foreign automobile brands. But it is foreseeable that LeTV and its car partners still need to run in, at least in the R&D rhythm. As a traditional equipment manufacturing industry, the birth of a car from the demonstration, research and development, design to testing, at least three years of the cycle is insurmountable, far lower than the speed of Internet smart products. "This is indeed a problem. We want to change it, but it is very difficult." Rao Hong said that the bottom line of music that LeTV can accept is a product of one year. If you follow the rhythm of the OEM, "I would rather not do it." According to reports, LeTV Internet will release a new car kit and the underlying interactive system this fall.
He Yi, CEO of LeTV Internet of Vehicles, said: “LeTV will be the first company in the world to achieve six-screen linkage, namely six mobile phones, Pad, PC, TV, cinema, and car screen. These ecosystems will be in our car network. The product is reflected behind."
If the "super car" that LeTV's chairman Jia Yueting thrown a few months ago is only a concept, then with the arrival of Rao Hong's IT big coffee, LeTV's "super car" has begun to have a contour. And how to make LeTV car network have a greater competitive advantage in addition to LeTV's own super car project, this will be the biggest test for cross-border players.

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