Lyft Appoints CFO on Competitor Uber Financing

On the morning of December 5th, Lyft, the US car rental application developer, appointed new CMOs and CFOs in the hope of better challenging Uber by filling senior management vacancies.
Kira Wampler, who previously served on the real estate website Trulia, will join the company as CMO. Brian Roberts, Lyft’s head of business development, was also promoted to the CFO.
Prior to this, Lyft had just left several executives. Lyft's former COO, Travis VanderZanden, recently moved to Uber but was sued for allegedly leaking Lyft’s international expansion plans. Both San Francisco companies are accelerating their expansion. Uber has just announced today that it has raised $1.2 billion from a $40 billion valuation.
“We will continue to build an executive team for Lyft,” Wappler said in an interview with the media. “We have only just touched the tip of the iceberg, not just our company, but the entire industry.”
Wappler said that new products like the Lyft Line carpooling business and the Driver Destination, which will be used in the ride-off business, will promote the growth of Lyft. She disclosed that the company has not yet confirmed the candidate for COO but will continue to recruit. Lyft has just raised 250 million U.S. dollars in April this year.
Uber is also actively expanding its management and has hiring a number of senior executives, including David Plouffe, the former chief political adviser to US President Barack Obama. In March of this year, Uber also appointed Cameron Poetzscher, former banker of Goldman Sachs, as head of corporate development.
Both companies use generous bonuses and subsidies to scoop up each other's drivers. Wappler said in commenting on the competition: "I know good people have good news."

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