Marine Rubber Roller Floating Airbag for Boat/Ship/Vessel

Model NO.: YT-8
Material: Natural Rubber
Capability: Ship Launching/Landing/Heavy Liftting
Color: Black
Specification: ISO 9001, ISO 14409
Origin: Qingdao Shandong
HS Code: 401695
The history of marine airbags:

Air bag launching was developed based on traditional slideway launching mode and invented by Chinese
In the early 1980s. It is like flexible cushion to bring the ship free pitching during the launching course,
Not only the pressure under hull bottom is moderated due to larger flexible contact area,
But also the hull structure and surface paint are protected against damage.

Through more than 30 years development and improvement, changlin flexible air bags are widely used
To ship launching ship, transportation of large size constrcution modules, salvage sunken ships,
As a container for storing liquid and gas, as a patoon to erect floating bridges& pipelines and so on...
At present, changlin airbags can launching a ship up to 100, 000DWT.

Merits of changlin airbags:

A. Saving the investment of shipyard construction

The construction of launching facilities, like traditional slideway and its underwater engineering, are very
Expensive. If using airbag launch, only a simple launching slip way shall be built without complex underwater
Engineering. So air bag launch saves the investment of construction.

B. Simple operation, saving labor and work hours

Airbag launch avoids lots of trouble, such as the complex process of cleaning away the mucky soil on the
Surface of the slideway, covering or smearing with lubricating grease, setting slide plates and fixing the hull.
The material and working hours are reduced. Usually the preparation for airbag launch maybe finished
Within one or two days. The operation is simple. Air bags can be reused. Ship building cost can be reduced
By air-bag launch.

C. Environmental friendly

In traditional slideway launch, some distance slideway extends into underwater, which affects the flood
Embankment and navigation environment. Furthermore, lubricating grease mass causes water contamination.
Airbag launch shortens the length of ramp way length under water. There is no emission into water.

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