Mazda sales target of 220,000 units in China this year

Mazda sales target of 220,000 units in China this year
Mazda first released the new domestic models "Mazda6 Atenza Atez" and "Mazda3 Axela Angkorra." The two new models are Mazda's new-generation products that fully adopt the new generation "Chuangchi Blue Sky" technology and the new "Soul Moving" design theme. Together with the Mazda CX-5 launched last year, this year, Chuangchi Blue Sky's domestic models have been increased to three. . A few days ago, Ma Da Da, chairman of China’s Ma Da Da Xin Xiu said that Mazda's most important issue in China is how to enhance its brand.
The two new cars debuted will be available for sale in May. Mazda defined last year as the "first year of Chuangchi Blue Sky" in the Chinese market and launched the "Mazda CX-5" domestic model. This year Chuang Chi blue sky domestic models have been increased to three, so Mazda will be positioned this year as "Chuang Chi sky blue flowers year." Inamoto said that in the next two years, Mazda will increase the number of domestic models of "Chuangchi Blue Sky" in China to 10.
These three "Chuangchi Blue Sky" models and "eternal classic Mazda6", Inaba Shinsai believes that it can fully achieve the sales target of 220,000 units this year, and plans to achieve sales of 400,000 vehicles by 2016.

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