Mechanical drying of wheat into bright spots

As of 4:00 pm on the 14th, the city has cumulatively harvested 5.854 million mu of wheat, which accounted for 73.6% of the area to be received, of which 5.848 million mu were machine harvested and 4.656 million mu was broadcast. Qihe County has received 90% of its wheat harvest, and Bacheng, Deyuan County, and Wucheng County have passed Bacheng, and Qicheng City, Linqu County, Lingcheng District, and Economic and Technological Development Area have passed Qi Cheng.

It is understood that the weather was fine yesterday, the city's battle machinery continue to drive full power to seize the crop. On the same day, it carried out 245,000 sets of various types of machinery, including 21,000 wheat combine harvesters and 25,000 corn planters, and collected 1,466,000 mu of wheat daily.

According to reports, in this year's wheat harvest, in order to solve the problems of post-harvest, rainy, insufficient drying space and other issues, to achieve food production from farming, sowing, field management, harvest to drying mechanization throughout the mechanization, the city's agricultural machinery department to promote food mechanization drying technology . Encourage large grain producers, family farms and agricultural cooperatives to purchase grain drying equipment, and strive to obtain 400,000 yuan of provincial agricultural innovation demonstration project funds for promotion of grain drying mechanization. In addition, the agricultural machinery department actively cooperated with the agricultural machinery production enterprises to carry out free training for grain drying operators and comprehensively improve their technical level. Before the summer of three summers, the agricultural machinery department also organized technical forces to maintain and maintain the city's grain drying machinery in advance to ensure that the technology was in good condition.

Up to now, the number of grain dryers in our city has grown to 27, which has more than doubled from the previous year, and has become a new bright spot in the development of agricultural machinery.

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