Men use stone features to paint more than a dozen works on the stone

Men's use of stone features more than a dozen pieces of stone painting works are collected diesel generators | diesel generators price / 2012-05-08

Lifelike tigers, graceful and beautiful women, beautiful scenery, and different faces of Peking Opera masks... Under the meticulous creation of Master Xu, the blocks of stone that were originally inconspicuous turned out to be exquisite works of art. .
Inspiration bursts on painted stone
Master Xu is more than 50 years old this year. He has been particularly fond of painting since childhood. When he was young, his dream was to be admitted to the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts and become a professional painter. However, because of his poor performance in English, Master Xu passed the exam three times, which became a regrettable rating in his heart. Although he failed to embark on a professional painting road, Master Xu did not abandon his love of painting, but instead used it as a hobby, and always liked to paint a few strokes.
Speaking of painting on the stone, Master Xu said, “That would have to be said from 1998. I took my children to the labor park and saw that there are many stones that are beautiful, and I wanted to paint on them. It looked so good. At that time, I took some stones home and started trying to paint on the rocks."
Painting on stone is not only difficult but also more knowledgeable. Stones are different from drawing paper. Not only are the surfaces uneven, but also there are many small crevices and there is a lot of mud inside. This affects the effectiveness and beauty of painting. Therefore, before painting, Master Xu must first process the stones coming from the area. . The stone must be cleaned first and then polished with a grinding wheel.
Not only that, Master Xu also has to compose pictures according to the characteristics of each stone. Master Xu said, “Every stone has different shapes, colors, and textures. All of these factors must be taken into consideration when painting. In this way, paintings and stones can be organically integrated and become a perfect work of art.”
The whole family mobilizes the stone
Since Master Xu fell in love with painting on the stone, the stone has become a major event. In order to pick up stones, parks and rivers have become places where Master Xu often goes. When the rest of the weekend is okay, Master Xu will specifically go to the banks of the Weihe River to pick up rocks. Now he will take a bag every day to go out and see the stones that are suitable for painting will go home. Master Xu said, “Sometimes I go to pick stones and people will ask me, what do these stones do? I am ashamed to paint and say that I go home to salt pickles.”
At the beginning, Master Xu scolded himself for the stone. Later, the whole family supported him in particular. Relatives would only see where the stones would help Xu master to come back. He had sent him a large bag of stones the other day. "Now my wife's mother-in-law in my 80s helped me with the stone," said Master Xu proudly.
Stone painted into the archives
Since 1998, he has painted on rocks. Master Xu has now created more than a thousand works, and many works have been collected by friends. Master Xu said that in previous years, the children needed money to go to school, and the family’s economic conditions were not very affluent. He took his work to the temple fair and the result was very popular. Later, he knew more and more people, and many people were attracted to find him to buy stone paintings, many of them foreign friends.
What makes Master Xu proud is that in the past few years, Tiexi District Archives and Tiexi District Workers' Village Life Museum also collected more than a dozen of his works. Seeing that his work has been recognized by everyone, Master Xu is very happy, and his enthusiasm for painting on the stone is even stronger.
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