Microwave beef sterilizing equipment into Guizhou!

Guizhou Niutou Brand Beef Jerky has learned and contrasted with many parties, and ordered a microwave sterilizing equipment in our company to be used for the sterilization and anti-mildew treatment of beef jerky and beef jerky before packaging. This is also our company's continued Chongqing Sichuan Sichuan Sichuan knife knife Another brand of beef jerky after food.

Niutou Brand Beef Jerky is produced by Guizhou Yonghong Food Co., Ltd. This company integrates beef cattle breeding, beef processing, sales, and scientific research. We always follow the principle of "survive on quality, rely on honesty and development" and pursue first-rate quality. The company has created Niutou brand with high reputation and reputation. The products include 8 series of beef jerky, beef pine, beef jerky, marinated beef, poultry meat, pepper products, bean products and black glutinous rice wine. , more than 300 specifications. The company has fully passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, China's green food grade A product certification, the company's measurement assurance ability qualification certification, established a food safety management system.

Niu Tou brand beef jerky products are made of fresh beef in Guizhou Plateau with more than ten kinds of natural supplementary materials. They have been strictly quarantined and tested to meet the national food hygiene indicators. From the creation of the brand so far, only excellent materials, rigorous production, distinctive features, unique taste. On the basis of carrying forward the original features, the company has taken advantage of the advantages of its products, delicious and mellow products, dry and pure, bright and fresh color, unique flavor, and rich nutrition. Over the years, with the brand name, good reputation, high taste and loved by the majority of consumers, has always enjoyed the reputation of three joint beef jerky. The products sell well throughout the country and are exported to Russia and other countries and regions. Niu Tou brand products have won many gold and silver awards in the exhibition activities organized by the domestic food authority department. The People's Insurance Company of China has provided quality insurance and has been selected by Air China as an on-board food for international flights for a long time.

The microwave beef jerky sterilization equipment adopts microwave high-tech, utilizes the thermal and non-thermal effects of microwaves to sterilize and mold the beef jerky. The time is short, the efficiency is high, and it can play a good role in killing eggs and preventing mildew. The product's shelf life has been extended and product quality has been improved. It is hoped that with the help of this equipment, the sales volume of beef head beef jerky will be even higher.

It is a cooler equipment for granule materials, mainly used in small and medium-sized feed mills and farmers, used for cooling the granular materials produced from pelleter which contain certain moisture and higher temperature, dry and cooling,meet the storage requirements.
Low power consumption, easily opreation.
With good efficiency, the temperature of cooled pellets would be 3 to 5 centigrade lower than the room temperature.The moisture will be removed by 3.5%.
Swing discharger has smooth and reliable discharging, low residue:
The series counter flow coolers can match with secondary volute separator for combination use.

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