Multi-function LED advertising car mobile advertising new direction

The rise of the LED industry has also led to the emergence of LED promotional vehicles . Here's a brief introduction for everyone about LED advertising vehicles.


LED advertising car , as the name implies, is the perfect combination of car and LED display screen. It has rich and varied content, can display real-time graphic information, three-dimensional animation screen line, is a new type of advertising media for mobile advertising. Its scope of use is very wide. It can be mainly used for concerts, promotion of brands, display of sales scenes, promotion of concerts, promotion of products, etc. It can also be used for interactive communication and display on the spot. It is good for advertising effectiveness. medium.

LED advertising car has many advantages, such as the clarity of the picture, the uniqueness of the model, the appearance of the beautiful, is conducive to corporate brand and business products to attract public attention. Since the LED publicity vehicle is not constrained by urban areas and geographical environment, it has very strong liquidity, and therefore it will have a wide audience.


Based on its current market prospects, LED advertising vehicles are not forced to be accepted by the general public, but are actively accepted by consumers. Because it is a mobile type of propaganda, the masses have the freedom to see or feel uncontrollable, and the LED publicity vehicle is propagandizing and publicizing, and the visibility is greatly improved. Therefore, it guarantees the effectiveness of publicity. To ensure the quality of publicity is acceptable to the general public.

It is well known that LED is a new type of energy, with the advantages of high luminous efficiency, long lifespan, low radiation and low power consumption, conforming to the current trend of environmental protection, and has therefore been widely used throughout the world. . The LED publicity car is using the environmental protection of LED to operate. According to its development situation, it is expected that in the next three years, LED advertising vehicles will still maintain a high-speed growth trend, which will reach 10% of the total advertising value. In other words, LED advertising vehicles The future will increase year by year as consumer demand increases.

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