Precautions for Mercedes-Benz passenger cars in high temperature environment

In high temperature season, because the temperature is relatively high, the heat radiation is also the strongest. At this time, it will also affect the power and economy of Mercedes-Benz buses. At the same time, there will also be some hidden safety hazards. Under more serious conditions, it will even affect the normal operation of Mercedes-Benz buses. drive.


1, not only in high temperature environment, usually also need to do a good job of maintenance and maintenance of the cooling system, serious inspection of the Mercedes-Benz passenger car cooling system sealing conditions, thermostat working conditions, fan belt tightness, etc., and need to protect the system There is enough coolant inside to remove the scale from the cooling system. If the passenger car engine overheats, causing the tank to open the pot, it should be promptly dealt with. The relatively high temperature of the mixture gas in the Mercedes-Benz passenger car cylinders causes the temperature of the passenger car engine to increase in the entire operating environment, and the cooling efficiency of the radiator is relatively low, causing the vehicle's engine to remain in an overheated condition. The water temperature is too high.

Therefore, in such a situation, it is necessary to stop the vehicle for cooling, but it should be noted that it is not possible to turn off the flame blindly to avoid pulling the cylinder inside the Mercedes-Benz passenger car because of overheating.


2. The braking effect of a Mercedes-Benz bus in the summer will also decrease as the temperature rises. In addition, the brake fluid is also a condition where air resistance occurs under the influence of high temperatures. If the driver's operating habits have a habit of frequent braking, then the temperature of the brake fluid may reach more than one hundred degrees Celsius. This will easily cause the bladder to swell and brake fluid resistance to make the Mercedes-Benz passenger car brake performance. The decline will have a greater impact on the safety of passenger cars.

In order to prevent the brake effect of the Mercedes-Benz bus from deteriorating, the brake fluid with a boiling point of not less than 115 to 120 degrees Celsius should be selected. It is also necessary to check and repair the sub-brake pump and the master cylinder. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to the sealing apron and eliminate the air in the piping. In the case of passenger cars that use air brakes, it is imperative that the use of the pump bowls and brake hoses be carefully checked. Any problems that occur should be replaced immediately.


3, Mercedes-Benz passenger car in a high-temperature environment, high-load continuous driving, the transmission, differential gear oil temperature will be higher than 120 degrees, this time will cause a deterioration of gear oil, and grease is Under high temperature conditions, it is easier to lose, so that the lubricating effect is continuously decreasing. Under more serious conditions, it will be easier to burn the bearings and gears.

Lubricants used in Mercedes-Benz buses in the summer should be selected for those with high viscosity. When the differentials and transmissions of passenger cars are already using thick gear oils, the cycle of oil replacement can be shortened appropriately.

4, the high ambient temperature, resulting in the chemical reaction of Mercedes-Benz passenger car battery will quickly speed up, the electrolyte will also evaporate faster than ever before, the plate is very easy to damage, so usually the battery maintenance must be timely.

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