Reclaimed rubber achieves continuous and stable production at atmospheric pressure

On December 29th, 2011, Shijiazhuang Science and Technology Research and Development Project - New Technology for Continuous Regeneration of Waste Rubber at Normal Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure was identified by an expert group. Experts said that the technology changed the history of reclaimed rubber production can not be separated from the desulfurization tank, change the intermittent process for the continuous production process, social, environmental, economic and significant, and recommended as soon as possible in the industry to promote.

The project was jointly undertaken by Hebei Ruiwei Technology Co., Ltd. and Hebei University of Science and Technology. The expert group unanimously believed that this technology broke through for the first time the regeneration process temperature of the dynamic desulfurization tank process and atmospheric pressure plasticization process (above 200° C.), and the entire process was replaced by a tank, achieving conditions under normal pressure and below 100° C. Under the work, scientific research achievements have reached the international advanced level.

The new technology adopts the reduction auxiliaries developed by Ruiwei Co., Ltd. and the twin-screw solid-phase shearing method to depolymerize various waste rubbers and reduce them. By adjusting the arrangement and cooling system of the twin-screw extrusion, recycled rubber recycling is used. . The entire process has low energy consumption, no emissions, no waste water. At present, this technology can be successfully used to regenerate waste tires, rubber shoe scraps, special synthetic rubber waste rubber, and rubber compounded scorch compounds. It is reported that this technology had obtained the national invention patent authorization at the end of October last year.

According to Ma Ruigang, general manager of Rawway Technology, Ruiwei started the research on this technology in January 2010. After two years, it completed the research and development of rubber additives, new designs of screw and barrel design and arrangement, Completed a small test, pilot test. During the R&D period, the technology was tested by Rui'an Sino-Italian Rubber Products, Qingdao Likang Rubber, Cheng Ching (Qingyuan) Footwear and other companies. It can replace 30% of natural rubber and reduce the cost by about 8%. The Tianjin Quality Supervision and Inspection Station detected that the company's renewable rubber products meet the national standards.

It is understood that, at present, the domestic rubber regeneration mostly uses dynamic desulfurization technology, namely waste rubber, water, activator and coal tar, etc. in the high-pressure vessel tank 210~250°C, and hold pressure for 70~150 minutes, then kneading, Refined. Exhaust gas is discharged together with exhaust gas mixed with coal tar and small organic molecules, causing environmental pollution.

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