Rental Cars: Overseas Car Rental Platforms Tailored for Chinese Users

Recently, overseas driving has become more and more hot, and many travel enthusiasts have shouted "I'm going to travel abroad for a ride!". An overseas car rental platform tailored specifically for Chinese users - Rent & Rent Cars (), recently launched the "One Dollar Tour Worldwide" event, which will run from December 8 to December 31, covering the Americas, Europe, and Australia. Most of the popular tourist countries. During the event, under the order of renting and renting a car on the official website, you can enjoy the "1 yuan rent for 1 day" offer.

While traveling abroad by car is of course a new form of travel, however, the series of problems that may be involved in renting a car abroad is the main reason why many tourists are afraid to take the first step. Unlike the domestic car rental environment, the international car rental market for Chinese outbound tourists is an asymmetric information market. Because foreign car rental reservation websites are mostly foreign language websites, coupled with various regulations of Chinese car rental companies on Chinese driver’s licenses and driving transit, as well as insurance and overseas payment issues, Chinese tourists have many inconveniences in using foreign car rental services. . Founded in 2011, the rented car rental headquartered in Guangzhou after years of accumulation of international car rental business operations, basically solved all the pain points of Chinese people on overseas car rentals.

Rent and rent a car is the first Chinese website dedicated to international car rental, providing users with one-stop search, comparison, reservation, and payment services, ensuring the fluency of the user's booking experience, eliminating the user's trouble to view the car rental company's foreign language website. .

From the beginning of its establishment, renting a rental car will put user experience first. As a pioneer in the overseas car rental industry in China, rented car rental has also opened the 7*24-hour English-Chinese customer service hotline throughout the year, providing users with high-quality professional car rental services without any time difference. In order to provide users with more peace of mind and self-driving, rental car hire cooperates with AXA Group, the world's largest insurance group, to provide customers with an exclusive “super premium insurance” insurance service. Not only is it more than 50% cheaper than the full insurance purchased in the car rental company's stores, it also covers more practical projects than full insurance, such as delays in the collection of cars, failure rescue fees, accidental outage losses, and other losses that may be encountered by car renters. . Rent and rent car these intimate measures are to allow users to truly self-drive overseas, easy to travel.

Many tourists do not dare to drive abroad. The biggest concern is the lack of familiarity with the local road conditions. In response to this, rent and rent a car to provide users with free full Chinese GPS, before the user goes abroad, will be sent home, so that more self-driving. Not only that, rented car rental also offers WIFI and other self-driving tour products.

In order to make it easier for Chinese users to travel by themselves overseas, rental car hires have won the recognition of Chinese driver’s licenses from major international car rental companies such as AUIS and Hertz. Major top-level car dealers provide even more exclusive rental license translation templates to facilitate Chinese users to access vehicles in their local stores.

Currently, renting and renting a car with AVIS, HERTZ, ENTERPRISE, EUROPCAR, BUDGET, SIXT, DOLLAR, NATIONAL and other top international car rental companies, but also continue to explore the local high-quality car rental companies in Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey and other places, Both have long-term cooperation with local car dealers. So far, rented and rented cars have reached partnerships with more than 40,000 stores of more than 200 international car rental companies in 178 countries around the world.

Faced with the car rental information of a large number of partners, the rented car directly connects with the back-office systems of a number of overseas car rental companies or wholesalers, collects information for more than 40,000 car rental service outlets around the world, and targets Chinese users. The information has been structurally optimized to create a service flow that is suitable for Chinese users. Users can directly search through the rent and rent a car, you can easily get the vertical search, depth optimization to push the best price to the user. And whether the user wants to know whether a certain store accepts a Chinese driver's license, the specific terms of a certain insurance, whether a car can cross other countries, etc., can be solved in rented car one-stop.

As the largest and most professional overseas car rental platform in China, rented car rental has always been committed to creating an overseas car rental platform that is specially designed for Chinese people and reduces the threshold for outbound car rental for Chinese people.

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