·Shandong two tire projects passed the environmental protection acceptance

On May 4th, Guangrao County Environmental Protection Bureau of Dongying City, Shandong Province announced the acceptance of environmental protection acceptance for two tire projects.

Both of these projects belong to Shandong Millec Tire Co., Ltd., which are “12 million sets of high-performance semi-steel radial tire projects (first phase project)” and “annual production of 2 million sets of all-steel radial truck tires”.

In February and April of 2018, the relevant personnel of the Miller Tire Organization set up an acceptance team to conduct acceptance of these two projects on the basis of on-site reconnaissance.

The scope of acceptance is the operation of environmental protection facilities and the discharge of pollutants.

It is reported that 12 million sets of semi-steel radial tire project (Phase I project) originally belonged to Dongying Xiaolong Rubber Technology Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 625 million yuan.

The first phase of its production scale is 6 million tires per year.

The 2 million sets of all-steel radial tire project originally belonged to Shandong Deruibao Tire Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 249 million yuan.

Among them, the environmental protection investment was 6.65 million yuan, and the proportion of environmental protection investment was 2.7%.

In 2017, Miller tyres took over these two tire projects.

According to Tire World Network, after checking and accepting the unqualified conditions as stipulated in the “Interim Measures for Environmental Protection Acceptance of Construction Project Completion”, the acceptance team agreed that these two projects can pass the environmental protection acceptance.

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