Signal waveform display in vacuum measurement system

Signal waveform display in vacuum measurement system
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In the vacuum measurement system, the single-chip module transmits the basic measurement signals (the thermocouple potential of the thermocouple and the ion current of the ionization tube) to the PC via RS485, and the PC performs digital filtering and nonlinear correction. Pressure calculation, data table and graphic display, parameter storage, printing and other tasks, while the PC returns the calculation results to the microcontroller.

Because the PC's computing speed and software functions are very powerful, it can complete the vacuum gauge pressure more complex calculations, improve the measurement accuracy; At the same time can have a rich parameter display, friendly man-machine interface. RS485-based communication design allows one PC to connect 1 to 256 microcontrollers (up to 256 thermocouple regulators and 256 ionization regulators). For example, the calibration of the thermocouple regulator can perform very accurate interpolation calculation according to the thermocouple regulatory curve.

Each embedded measurement and control module in the vacuum measurement is an object defined by the CformView class. This module design is suitable for function expansion. When a new measurement and control module needs to be added, only one module can be defined.

There are two ways to display the waveform of the signal: first, after the display and real-time display. After the first acquisition, the display is to store the collected data in the data file, after calculation and processing, and then call the -Moveto(), -Lineto() function to connect to the waveform and display it on the screen. For real-time display, threads available in VC can be utilized. This article designs two threads: One uses a class Array to define a dynamic array, the collected data is stored in the array, and one is used for data processing and waveform display.

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