Soil Moisture Analyzer for Measuring Soil Moisture in Loess Region

China has a wide variety of climates, with relatively little precipitation in the loess region and uneven spatial and temporal distribution. However, water is an important factor in vegetation restoration and reconstruction. The redistribution of water in loess soil is very obvious. Drought and wetting are complex, which makes it more difficult for ecological construction in the loess area. At present, the study of forestland soil moisture has evolved from qualitative description to quantitative analysis. The research object also involves different scales such as landscape, ecosystem, community, population, and individual. Some achievements have been made in research methods, research contents, and technical support. Soil moisture measurements can be applied to soil moisture analyzers.

In the 1980s, experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences organized experts to investigate, measure, and evaluate various resources in the loess area, and obtained a relatively perfect distribution law of soil and water. Experts believe that the soil moisture status in the loess area is affected by the combined effects of climate (rainfall, temperature, and evaporation), soil (soil type, soil texture), landform factors, vegetation, and human activities. According to the main factors (water source, storage and utilization) reflecting the soil moisture status, the loess is divided into: sub-humid soil water cycle compensation area, semi-dry soil water non-period compensation area, drought soil water deficit area and irrigated soil moisture compensation Area. Based on the above four districts, it is divided into 11 sub-regions. In accordance with the characteristics of soil water use in the loess region in 1992, Yang Wenzhi divided it into five compensation areas. In 2000, Mr. Yang Wenzhi divided the Loess Plateau into six water ecological zones by providing multi-year rainfall, dryness, water storage at the end of the dry season from 0 to 2 m, and water storage at the end of the rainy season at 2 to 5 m, providing the vegetation for the Loess Plateau. The scientific basis of the macro layout.

By using soil moisture analyzers to study the soil moisture in different watersheds in the loess area, it can be concluded that the water conditions in the loess area are formed by the effects of vegetation ecology, soil environment, and water environment. The distribution of tree species in the vegetation community indicates that the plant With the unification of environmental conditions, the establishment of artificial vegetation should be based on the environment.

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