Sony quietly started selling digital paper tablets online

Sony's digital paper EInk e-reader and tablet hybrid can already be purchased directly through Sony's website and purchased through licensed distributors that have begun selling the tablet.
Sony also updated its web page tablet to illustrate its features. Although it looks like a large e-reader, the company has expanded its capabilities and minimized other professional uses. And Sony has always been the best, for example, in reflowing PDF files of its e-readers, and now digital paper as a full-size PDF reader lets you use the stylus to take notes.
You can also use the device as a notepad and use a stylus to write it, just like you would on a piece of paper, digital paper. You can synchronize all your notes through the cloud so that you can access them anywhere and unlike conventional tablets, you can rest our hands on the screen. Instead, readers only support one file type PDF format, so you want to use it as an e-reader, you need to make sure that you can get the book you want is a PDF file, or make sure it is DRM-free, so you can put It converts.

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