Talking about the color matching of small apartment

Talking about the color matching of small size - small color and great wisdom

Color matching plays a pivotal role in fashion design, and so does home design. When choosing the home design style, it actually has positioned the indoor color matching. Each style has its own style characteristics, and the style of color matching also echoes the style. Small apartment decoration color matching skills compared to the large size of the room due to the size of the space will be different, the following Yu Liya soft package to take you to understand the following four small apartment decoration color with the classic program for the small dwelling color visual The effect adds a bright spot.
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Option One: Black + White + Grey = Timeless Classic

Black and white can create a strong visual effect, black and white in the fashion world is an eternal classic color, do not worry that they will be out of date. In recent years, the popular grey has been integrated into it to ease the visual conflict between black and white, thus creating another fashionable flavor. The three colors match the space, full of cool modern and futuristic. In this color context, rationality, order, and professionalism will result from simplicity. In recent years, the popular "Zen" style, which expresses primary colors and focuses on environmental protection, uses a colorless color matching method to express natural feelings such as hemp, silk, and coconut weave. It is a very natural style of modernism.
Option 2: Silver Blue + Dunhuang Orange = Modern + Traditional

The combination of blue and orange-based colors shows modern and traditional, the intersection of ancient and modern, colliding with the visual experience of both surreal and retro flavor. The blue and orange colors were originally strong contrasting colors, but there were some changes in the color of the two sides, so that these two colors could give space a new life.
Option 3: Blue + White = Romantic Warmth

Most people in the home do not dare to try too bold colors and think that it is safer to use white. If you like to use white and you are afraid to make a home like a hospital, you might as well use a white and blue color scheme. Like a Greek island, all houses are white, and the ceiling, floors, and streets are all painted with white lime. Showing pale tone.
But the sky is pale blue, the sea is dark blue, and the coolness and innocence of the white are manifested. Such whiteness is very liberating. It seems to be part of nature. It is open-minded and the home space seems to be like Haitian. One-color nature is as open and free.
In order to create such a Mediterranean style, it is necessary to limit home things such as furniture, home accessories, curtains, etc. to a single color system. Only then can there be a sense of unity. People who yearn for blue sea and blue sky, white and blue are the best choice for your home life.
Option 4: Yellow + Green = Joy of New Life

In the living space of younger people, using goose yellow with purple blue or tender green is a good color scheme. Goose yellow is a fresh, fresh color that represents the joy of a new life and is best suited to home-style tones with a small baby at home. If green is the color that makes people feel calm, it can neutralize the light feeling of yellow and make the space stable. This color matching method is very suitable for young couples.
Dear ones, you can learn from it and try boldly.

Blister Sealing Machine

Blister sealing machine applications

1.This series machine is suitalbe PVC,PET,PETG etc. blister packing, with paper, with paper card.

2.The machine is simple and conenient to operate and have high efficiency, is used to vacuum plastic packing of all calsses of toys,            stationery, batteries, foods, commodity, small tools, which can make the packed goods anti-damped, bright and clarity, finery,                    can  improve level of product.

Blister sealing machine features

1.suitable for plastic + paper. product packing machine .
3.produce several pieces in one time .
4.easy to operate .

Advantages of Blister sealing machine

1. This machine has introduced relay control system.

2. To operate for automatization, humanization, intelligentize

3. The machine can adjust the time o burning, settling, manipulator, vacuum generatort any moment

4. The machine has the conveyer belt to pack the goods directly.

5. The machine has installed crash stop switch on both side in order to operate conveniently.

6. The machine can auto-account the output.

Blister Sealing Machine

Blister Packaging Sealing Machine

Blister Sealing Machine

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