Talking about the composition of the boundary of the boiler induced draft fan system

The boiler induced draft fan of a power plant unit can be divided into the following three subsystems according to function and position: fan body subsystem, motor (motor) subsystem, hydraulic lubricating oil station subsystem. The collected data mainly includes the system structure and operating environment of the equipment, the user's demand for the equipment, historical accident reports, historical data of similar equipment, existing maintenance methods and maintenance intervals.

System boundaries include: inlet box expansion joint inlet (including expansion joint), motor power junction box (including junction box), fan expansion joint outlet (including expansion joint), fan hydraulic lubrication station junction box terminal (including junction box terminal) Cooling fan motor power junction box (including junction box), bearing temperature control and surge alarm end, adjustment handle end (including adjustment handle end), electric actuator end (including electric actuator end).

(1) The main body of the induced draft fan: including the anchor bolt part and its protection device, two cooling fans and auxiliary equipment. The main function is to convert mechanical energy into potential energy (indenter), and the flue gas from the boiler is taken out by dust removal and discharged into the chimney to maintain the furnace pressure. Under the specified conditions, the maximum ventilation capacity can reach 280.03 m3/s; Normal operation; the main bearing temperature of the induced draft fan is higher than 85 alarm; the cooling fan works normally; when the rolling bearing temperature is higher than 100, the main motor is disconnected; the alarm is entered into the surge zone, and the main motor is disconnected for more than 15s.

(2) Motor subsystem: including motor and its air cooling system, anchor bolt part and its protection device; it converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and can output power of 1800kW under specified conditions to provide driving force for the fan. The induced draft fan motor bearing temperature is greater than 75 ° C alarm; above 85 ° C, the main motor is open.

(3) Hydraulic Lubrication Station Subsystem: Hydraulic Lubrication Workstation, each of which has only one oil station that supplies hydraulic oil and lubricating oil to the fan and provides lubrication for the motor. The amount of lubricating oil is less than 3l/min alarm; the oil level of the lubricating oil tank is less than the minimum value alarm; the standby pump is self-starting.

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