The contact deformation and bending deformation of the teeth are improved.

To get a large gear ratio, the number of planet wheels used is nine, which is limited. According to the force analysis, in the three-axis structure, the power transmitted by the two planetary gears is equivalent to the power transmitted by the three planetary gears in the two-axis structure. This is because the meshing force on the single internal gear planetary gear of the former is constant, and the latter meshing force is periodically changed. In recent years, the three-ring reducer (also known as the internal gear planetary reducer) introduced by some factories in China has not solved the assembly problem. After careful analysis by the technicians, the problem was solved by the gear tooth phase difference between the planet wheels. Since the three-ring reducer adopts a two-axis support structure, three or more planetary gears must be used, and the gear tooth phase difference must also be used to satisfy the assembly conditions. The three-axis structure proposed in this paper, when the gear tooth phase difference is also used to meet the assembly conditions, there is no limit to the number of planet wheels, which brings great convenience to the manufacture of the reducer.
With the two-axis three-ring reducer, the meshing force on a single planetary gear is periodically changed, and there is a theoretical uneven load problem. When the three-axis structure is adopted, the internal tooth planetary reducer does not have these problems. Although the internal gear planetary reducer has the disadvantages of high manufacturing precision, difficult machining, vibration during operation, and high noise, it has the advantages of large transmission ratio, small volume, high efficiency, strong bearing capacity and low cost. The device is far behind. As a new type of internal gear planetary reducer with its own characteristics, its internal law has yet to be studied. The positioning problem during machining of the internal gear is known from the above assembly conditions. The teeth of the n internal gears must have a phase difference Δ舜 between them to be assembled smoothly. Due to the existence of machining error, there is a certain error between the actual value and the theoretical value of △, that is, the machining error. If the error is too large, the nP planetary wheels cannot be assembled. The smaller Δ price error can be compensated by the flank clearance. The planetary gears are assembled smoothly, but the meshing forces of the n planetary gears and the sun gear will be unequal. When the torque is transmitted, the contact deformation and bending deformation of the gear teeth can improve the uneven load. However, the problem cannot be solved fundamentally, and it is necessary to find ways to minimize the error of △, which requires consideration of the positioning problem during processing of the inner gear of the planet.

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