The freight rate is sluggish and the price of the liquefied gas carrier market has dropped significantly.

According to the current situation, the value of the assets of liquefied gas carriers has dropped by several million dollars in the past six months due to the low freight rate.
At present, the market price of 82,000 cubic meters of liquefied gas carriers built in 2016 has dropped by 21.46% in the past 12 months, which is a decrease of 24.1% compared with 2011.
Although the freight rate has fallen sharply, the depreciation of the asset value of medium-sized liquefied gas carriers is more exaggerated than VLGC. According to, the market price of a 23,000 cubic meter medium liquefied gas carrier built in 2016 is 35.45% lower than a year ago, and it is down 37.63% compared to 2011.
Recently, the merchant ship Mitsui sold the Gas33, a 35,533 cubic meter liquefied gas carrier built in 2003 to an anonymous Greek shipowner, at a price of US$22 million, lower than the current market valuation.
Compared to the same period last year, a VLGC generated revenues of up to $3 million per month and has now fallen to $1.46 million. The same is true for medium-sized liquefied gas carriers. In the same period last year, medium-sized liquefied gas carriers generated revenues of $1.1 million per month and have now fallen to $600,000.

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