The opportunity in the agricultural sector is that "BAT" has not yet appeared

[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] Since the 1930s, some industrialized countries in Europe and the United States have carried out comprehensive technological transformations from traditional agriculture to modern technology from three aspects: mechanical technology, biotechnology and management technology. The transformation of agriculture has basically achieved agricultural modernization. Our country is in the period of transition from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture. The development of modern agriculture is a new melody of agriculture. The completion of this transformation process is the realization of agricultural modernization.
The domestic and international economic situation is not good, but almost everyone recognizes that agriculture is a sunrise industry in China. But where is the opportunity for agriculture? Some people have money and can invest; some have experience and can manage; some have channels that can be docked... Today, let's explore the opportunities in agriculture!
The opportunity in the agricultural sector is that "BAT" has not yet appeared

Modern agriculture is a trend to replace traditional agriculture. So why is this trend? Let's take a look at the problems that exist in traditional agriculture.
Information occlusion
In traditional agriculture, farmers only plant and breed, regardless of sales, so although the entire industry chain is making money, but the money is earned by the middlemen, the hard, tired farmers have made a small amount of money, hard money!
low efficiency
The traditional small-scale peasant economy, a 3 mu of 5 acres, more than 10 acres, 8 acres, and not in a piece of land. Therefore, if you can't talk about management, management, and inefficiency, go out to work, don't plant a waste of pity; plant it, earn money, not enough to pay for the loop!
Low quality
Farmers' income is directly linked to production, so they will use more fertilizer, more pesticides, and higher yield seeds, no matter how good or bad, as long as the output is high, regardless of the quality.
But now China has reached the stage of eating from full to eating. Many people have spending power and food safety awareness is also increasing. There are business opportunities when there is demand, but there is no good thing!
The more unreasonable the place, the bigger the business opportunity, the more traditional agriculture needs to be improved, what should our new farmers start in the process of agricultural entrepreneurship?
Brand direction
As long as it is Xiaomi's electronic products, I am willing to buy, because I believe that Lei Jun is doing something reliable! This is the brand! Then I would like to ask, is there any quality and reasonable price in the agricultural products, so that you are very reassured?
I don't have it, I believe many friends don't, and this may be one of the opportunities for agriculture in the future!
There may be a bat in an era of agriculture, but it is not yet clear who is the seed!
Some said that agriculture is a traditional industry, and what is the relationship with the Internet?
Some time ago, I went to a Huainan restaurant called “File”. It is said that the restaurant and the Internet have little to do with each other, but people are connected, and they are doing very well. They have opened a WeChat public platform and developed a system in the background, which allows you to order food and evaluate the dishes through the system. Give a small evaluation and reward!
Just like the Xibei noodle village, through this, the service is streamlined and the dishes are personalized.
This system has been visited before, and it feels good, but it is not a concept at all.
To give this example, just an example of the combination of traditional industry and the Internet! The Internet is not just a tool, it may be a new business model. Combined with traditional industries, it may produce chemical reactions and generate great commercial value!
Social direction
Ma Yun can connect traditional products in various industries with users and break the traditional monopoly of supply and demand!
However, Taobao itself is also a monopoly, and the next business model is likely to use the community to open up access to agriculture and urban people, agricultural products and consumers.
Cultivate the concept of community marketing, and display new business entities and agricultural products in front of consumers and the market. Who can solve this problem, whoever has the opportunity!

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