·The pure electric bus route gradually clears up and ushers in the opportunity

"For the characteristics of bus operation, fast charging will be the general direction of future development." Coincidentally, recently, in an interview with the "Commercial Vehicle News" reporter, Wang Binggang, head of the National 863 Energy Conservation and New Energy Major Project Supervision Consulting Group Said.
Earlier, Dr. Hu Jianping, the former chairman of the Shenzhen Bus Group and the vice chairman of the China Passenger Transport Branch of the China Road Transport Association, expressed similar views: “Double source and fast charge are the future development directions of new energy buses.”
The flowering wall outside the wall is fragrant, but the road to promote the battery is not flat.
“Fresh things will always be questioned.” As the only company in China that mass-produces fast-charge batteries, Wei Han, the marketing director of Weihong Power Systems (Huzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Weihong), recalled: “When pushing lithium titanate batteries The domestic lithium iron phosphate has a great influence. We are a maverick. We feel that the fast charge is reasonable. Although the industry users understand the advantages of the fast charge mode, they still have no bottom in mind. And in China, not only do they have to When it comes to business sensibility, we must also consider the interests of all parties. Therefore, from the beginning of 2011 to the end of 2013, in addition to Hengtong electric buses, most bus companies are still on the sidelines.
In 2014, the fast-charged battery ushered in a turnaround, and the micro-diameter lithium titanate battery won an order for 500 sets of roadblock double-deck hybrid bus batteries in London.
“Things go back to the August 2012 Olympics, when London started to operate the Hybrid New Red Double Decker Bus (NBfL), which used lithium iron phosphate batteries. In fact, by 2013, these The battery has been seriously attenuated. At that time, based on our in-depth communication with the bus partners in the early stage, we began to consider the full replacement of the late orders into lithium titanate battery packs. At present, the micro-diacer lithium titanate battery performs well on this project. Third-party testing has also verified this. The battery packs have been gradually supplied since June 2014, and a certain number of new cars are currently on the line.” Song Han said: “In addition to London, we are also in 2014. Belgium has won orders for 120 sets of hybrid bus buses and four sets of pure electric fast-charge bus batteries for Germany. These orders all use LpTO lithium titanate batteries. This gives us great confidence. At that time, we put forward a saying that 'the wall outside the flowering wall is fragrant', and the lithium titanate battery that was blocked in the country due to subsidies was started in foreign countries.
The implementation of the overseas project of holding the cloud and seeing the moon has greatly helped the promotion of Weihong in China. Together with the domestic recognition of the fast charge mode, Weihong has gradually opened up the domestic market. According to reports, in 2014, Weihong delivered more than 800 sets of fast-charge battery packs to many mainstream bus manufacturers such as Beiqi Foton, Zhongtong Bus, Suzhou Jinlong, Xiamen Jinlong, Ankai and Ningbo CSR Times.
The biggest bright spot in the near future is to provide fast-charge batteries for 370 pure electric new energy buses in Beijing.
“After the Chongqing project, we have been in contact with Futian, and experienced a lot of difficulties in the middle. During this period, we provided lithium titanate batteries, but then faced the problem of subsidies. This time Futian’s order, 6.5 meters community micro The circulating buses all use the micro-LpCO multi-component lithium battery. In addition, the 8.5-meter, 12-meter and subsequent dual-source trolley buses will also use this battery." Song Han told the "Commercial Vehicle News" reporter: "The second generation is fast Compared with the first generation of fast-charged battery LpTO lithium titanate battery, the rechargeable battery LpCO multi-component lithium battery has greatly improved the energy density, and can still achieve fast charging in 15 minutes. Lithium titanate needs to be charged 5 times a day. It is somewhat frequent for bus companies, and the multi-composite lithium battery solution can reduce the number of times of charging to 2~3 times per day, which is more convenient for bus companies and increases the cruising range."
“At the end of October 2014, the 10 Dajinlong pure electric airport shuttles put into operation at Beijing Airport also used micro-macro multi-composite batteries, each of which loaded more than 90 kWh.” He added: “The terminal ferry must be 24 hours of operation, if you use lithium iron phosphate or ternary material battery, then the charging time is long, it is difficult to ensure normal operation. The Dajinlong shuttle bus can be fully charged in 15 minutes, which is the only feasible pure electric solution for the airport. ."
Fast charging has become a feasible solution. Some insiders commented that the above two orders have reached the mark, and the “small battery pack + fast charging” bus pure electric operation mode has also been recognized by the new energy auto industry.
“From 2011 to now, nearly four years of operation proves that fast charging is a very feasible solution. This is not only the feeling of the bus company, but also our experience as a battery manufacturer. In 2009, we provided iron phosphate for the Chongqing hybrid bus. Lithium battery, 50 sets of battery packs need 30 people to maintain, every day busy, because the battery often fails. Now there are more than 1,500 cars in Chongqing, all replaced with lithium titanate batteries, and maintenance staff is still so much It is also very easy. This is because the lithium iron phosphate battery is not suitable for high-rate hybrid operation conditions in terms of chemical properties. For bus companies, the reduction in failure rate after using lithium titanate battery is a good thing, and it is reduced. Maintenance costs are the same for us."
With the increase in user recognition and the promotion of new energy vehicle policies, in 2014, Weihong achieved good results. “Our sales in 2014 were about 400 million yuan, and we hope to increase it in 2015.” Song Han revealed: “Light passengers and CMB are the markets we hope to focus on. Fast-charge batteries are suitable for such short-distance operation. At the same time, we also value the application of dual-source trolleybus. The dual-source trolleybus uses a fast-charged battery, which can use the fast charge to quickly charge the existing line network at both ends of the line, and shorten the line network, so that the vehicle can spend most of the time. It can be off-grid, enhances the flexibility of trolleybuses and reduces visual pollution, and the problem of charging stations can be solved."

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