The road to LED transformation means the added value of the semiconductor industry

The LED lighting industry is currently facing a serious crisis of overcapacity, homogenization competition and low-price competition. The LED industry chain needs to be developed. Therefore, the development of new, stylish, high-quality LED lighting fixtures will be a major topic for future research, with high added value and output value, we must pay attention to it from now on.
How to discover the added value of going to LED is a question worth discussing now.
Increasing the added value of LED lighting products: Creating smart lighting Taking mobile phones as an example, everyone will change their mobile phones frequently. If they are not broken, they will change, but the new mobile phones will add a lot of functions. The same is true for TV, which has now become a flat-screen TV and a plasma TV. Therefore, a product to occupy the market to provide more added value and new features, this is also true for LED products.
The business model of the product must also be combined with the life cycle. What if everyone has LED lights? How to find a business in the future? The process of replacing incandescent lamps is very simple. I saw some CFL lights in the hotel. The CO lights can last for 6-9 years. Their light effects are actually good. It is very unlikely to change during the life cycle. It is very difficult. Convince everyone to change CFL, but letting everyone change the incandescent lamp will be simpler, but the life cycle of CFL is very long, but what about LED products? Therefore, we must add more added value to the LED products, because people can not directly change the LED lights because the lights are broken, they need more reasons.
Additional value two: adjustment to the semiconductor lighting industry chain is also one of the most important developments. The characteristics of the semiconductor lighting industry chain are mainly three aspects: first, LED lighting applications as the main application areas; second, in addition to LED light sources, In addition to the application of LED lamps, the development of lighting services and system solutions using modern new technologies has become the largest industry in the industry chain. Third, due to the expansion of the industry scale, this requires the development of production equipment and test equipment manufacturing industries of corresponding scale.
The structure of the semiconductor lighting industry chain has developed into an inverted triangle. From the data of the global semiconductor lighting industry chain in 2010 and 2020, we can see the following five development trends: First, in 2010, the whole industry chain is a small diamond with two small heads in the middle, which is extremely abnormal. The healthy industrial structure should be For example, the reverse triangle in 2020, the export of an industry should be large; secondly, the total output value of the whole industry chain will increase by 53 times in 2020 compared with 2010, and the growth rate is very fast; third, the largest increase is the intelligent control of LED lighting. Engineering, more than 700 times; Fourth, the second increase is the lighting fixtures, 30 times in 10 years, again LED package, 25 times in 10 years; Fifth, from the output value in 2020, lighting system The output value is almost four times that of LED packaged devices.
LEDs can be dimmed, toned, and integrated with integrated circuits in a system. The development of LED display technology and landscape lighting technology has provided us with a direction and can generate secondary energy saving benefits. We used a mobile phone or computer to switch outdoors or regulate home lighting a few years ago. This year we saw experimental prototypes at the show. It is said that products will soon be sold. The energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and beautifying life of LED lighting will be carried out on a larger scale in a wider field.
Driven by the support of modern science and technology and innovative R&D, it will develop into the largest and most brilliant part of the semiconductor lighting industry chain. It will develop digitally, intelligently and networkedly to provide energy-saving and convenient. , comfortable and healthy lighting system.

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