The "six most" of XCA1600 is not the "general car" at first glance.

Wind power installation can be said to be a “high-risk, high-yield” industry, but because the wind power field environment is extremely demanding on the product, the installation equipment must meet the strong lifting capacity, strong wind resistance, good site adaptability, easy transition and efficiency. High requirements.

The onshore “Big Mac” XCA1600, which has the strongest lifting performance, not only makes the high-speed development of China's wind power industry full of expectations, but also enhances the voice of the Chinese crane brand on a global scale because of its many core technologies.

XCMG XCA1600 crane

Since the first sling was completed in Xingtai, Hebei Province in early May, the first XCA1600 has moved to Ningxia, and it has been in the rugged Gobi desert, showing great environmental adaptability and work efficiency. At the same time, the second XCA1600 officially embarked on the journey in late July, and the first stop was a big show in the Laoshan District at the border between Inner Mongolia and Shaanxi.

So, why has XCA1600 been sought after?

The best lifting performance

Let's take a look at the XCA1600's technical parameter settings, which can be said to be very scary for wheeled cranes, and it is estimated that it is difficult to be surpassed. The most powerful working condition: the rated lifting weight of 158 meters is as high as 110 tons.

Highest lifting efficiency

The industry's first automatic folding boom structure makes full use of the structure of the whole machine to realize the wind power arm flipping, and the car can be completed within 2 hours, greatly reducing the cost of transition. This technology is very convenient in the actual use process. The wind power arm is disassembled normally. After the transition, the wind power arm is installed in place through the auxiliary crane. It takes nearly one day to disassemble and install one. The application of the wind power folding arm will be directly reduced by at least half a day. time.

Heavy load transition is the strongest

The first mechanical six-wheel drive system, the chassis heavy-duty driving performance increased by 25%; equipped with the large-speed hydraulic speed reduction mechanism independently developed by Xugong, the hydraulic drive output torque was increased by 3 times, and the heavy-duty transitional climbing ability of the whole machine reached 30%. Covering the transition needs of mountainous and hilly roads.

Control the most intelligent

The application of the three technologies of intelligent arm frame automatic working condition technology, hoisting follow-up control technology and variable amplitude compensation technology simplifies the working condition setting process, reduces the operation error rate, reduces the driver's manipulation difficulty, artificially controls the risk, and presents high efficiency. Reliable operation, more worry-free operation and safer lifting.

Optimal cost of use

The closed pump structure has been improved, which greatly reduces the fuel consumption of the system. The big car can still be very energy efficient! The heavy-duty transition technology mentioned above can save the cost of five or six flatbed trucks, and the cost of a transition can be nearly tens of thousands.

Xugong XCA1600 crane ?

Safest operation

The shift of the center of gravity of the downhill slope causes the bridge load to be transferred. The design has been considered to be equipped with a variety of retarder brakes for the gearbox, engine and eddy current. The brake can be guaranteed. At the same time, the axle load detection function is added according to different driving states, and multi-mode braking can be performed.

After reading this, we have reason to believe that XCA1600 is born with excellent characteristics, coupled with the unspeakable ability, is destined to be sought after! (This article is from Xugong)

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