The transformation of engineering machinery enterprises is imperative

The transformation of engineering machinery enterprises is imperative

In 2014, for the construction machinery industry, the word “reform” seems to be the focus of the year. If you want to break through, the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise will be like a hit.

“The era is developing, the market is changing, adhering to advancing with the times, innovating and leading, and the reform has the original driving force.” This is Zhan Chunxin’s practical experience gained from the development of the mixed ownership system of Zoomlion. He believes that the development of mixed ownership is the key to the development of mixed ownership. Sustainability is the goal. Faced with the market situation with overcapacity of construction machinery, Zoomlion is constantly accelerating its strategic transformation and upgrading, focusing on the main business of construction machinery, and laying out new industrial fields such as environmental industries, agricultural machinery, heavy trucks, and financial services. In terms of management, the simulated joint-stock system was implemented for each subordinate business unit. After the red line was established and controlled, the authority was decentralized and the development dynamism of all business units was fully released.

Tan Xuguang, chairman of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, is also deeply impressed by the deepening of reforms. He believes that without reforms, state-owned enterprises are struggling. Today's Shandong Heavy Industry, structural adjustment has become the company's "subconscious" behavior, advance adjustment, and take the initiative to adjust is always the process rather than the result. By constantly enriching product categories, expanding the industrial chain, and creating a competitive advantage in the entire industry chain, companies are ready to calmly respond to market changes before the greater global financial crisis hits, and continue to steadily advance.

As the helm of Yuchai, Junping said that to advance reforms, we must uphold the basic idea that “the 500 is more important than the 500, and 500 is more important than the 500”, and it is necessary to firmly establish “permanent management and health”. "Business management" is a modern business philosophy, and the core of reform is transformation and upgrading.

As these successful entrepreneurs have said, when state-owned enterprise reforms are carried out, they are not completed. The deepening of each reform has consolidated and expanded the company's new mechanisms and concepts, allowing companies to focus their excitement on technology and talents, and concentrate on building core competitiveness. Therefore, the deepening of reforms is not only a change in the system of construction machinery companies, but also a wise move for companies to achieve transformation and upgrade and break the bottleneck.

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