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CNC flame cutting machine uses an oxygen block flame to burn the red part of the steel part to a red hot degree, and then blows into the high pressure pure oxygen stream so that the part to be cut is intensely combusted in oxygen and melted into a liquid, which is then washed away by the air stream to achieve cutting purpose. When using the torch, first unscrew the acetylene gas switch, slightly unscrew some oxygen switch, adjust the amount of oxygen after ignition, first use the oxy-acetylene flame to burn the red heat at the cutting place, and then use pure oxygen to make it burn and melt. Become liquid and wash away to complete the cut.
CNC cutting machine cutting 5 to 20mm thick steel plate when the torch perpendicular to the workpiece, the more straight cut the better the kerf is smaller, less than 5 mm thick workpiece to tilt forward cutting, the thickness of the workpiece torch more than 30mm Tilt backwards to cut, cut through the angle of the torch after the move into a vertical state by the Zhejiang, fast cut to the end of the torch slightly tilted inward until the cut, the cutting speed depends mainly on the thickness of the workpiece being cut, the thinner the cut The faster, the slower the slowest, the oxygen flow pressure is also related to the thickness of the workpiece, the oxygen pressure is not enough, the pressure is too high and the oxygen is wasted. After the cutting is completed, the oxygen flow switch is turned off and the acetylene switch is closed again. After the oxy-acetylene flame is blown off, turn off the oxygen switch.
Air plasma cutting machine is a new type of thermal cutting equipment. His working principle is compressed air as working gas. Using a high-temperature, high-speed plasma arc as a heat source, the cut metal is partially melted, and at the same time, the melted metal is blown away with a high-speed airflow to form a narrow slit. The device can be used for cutting stainless steel, aluminum, copper, cast iron, carbon steel and other metal materials. Not only the cutting speed is fast, the slits are narrow, the incisions are smooth, and the heat affected zone is small. The workpiece deformation is low, the operation is simple, and it has a significant energy saving effect.
Fine plasma is currently much more expensive than ordinary machine plasma, but it is still cheaper than laser CNC plasma cutting machine, and the precision is also the offline of laser cutting machine. At present, the imported class representatives mainly include German Kell shell laser fine plasma power supply. The United States Feimat special fine plasma power supply, the United States Hypertherm fine plasma power supply, the United States Kaibo fine plasma power supply [only unexpected, not impossible, change your style from now on. Opening the Chinese cutting machine trading network is equivalent to opening up your wealth road, come and click on the website now! 】

Welded Tube Mill is called cold Roll Forming Machine for welded pipe. Checking from the name, we can know that it is a kind of pipe making production line. For this machine, it supports the material thickness from 0.5-5mm, for diameter range from 10-127mm. And now there are four types welded pipe machines: HG32, HG50, HG76 and HG127. For different material thickness, diameter range, choose different pipe machine.Except them,we also supply Down Pipe Bender.

welded tube mill

Welded Pipe Machine

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