The world's advanced CNC automatic stud welding machine

Taylor Stud Welding Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will present its new booth design at the 2007 Beijing Essen Welding Exhibition (Booth No. E3270) and exhibit the world's most advanced CNC automatic stud welding machine.

The CNC automatic screw welding equipment controlled by microcomputer (can be operated with robot or robot) can not only accurately set and record and store welding parameters, but also timely detect, digital display and automatically adjust welding during welding. Parameters to ensure welding quality and excellent reproducibility. A factory with good conditions can achieve unattended work. CNC automatic stud welding machine is controlled by computer programming, automatic nail feeding and automatic welding. If it is equipped with robot or robot at the same time, it can also automatically take and place workpiece and multi-station multi-angle welding. The fully automatic welding torch is controlled by stepper motor or servo motor, which can precisely control the movement of the stud according to the process requirements. A fully automated system with multiple torches for simultaneous soldering of multiple sizes of screws. The welding bolt can be up to 16mm in diameter and easy to program. It is equipped with a fast switching system suitable for long-term welding work. It can meet the requirements of professional automated production lines. It can be programmed in any suitable computer system with an accuracy of more than ±0.15mm. The automatic door and the hood are soundproofed and the welding speed is up to 60 studs per minute.

The system has a self-correcting function that will automatically stop if the weld is interrupted. There are many users in China (Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator, Xinshida, etc.). The use situation in the past few years shows that the performance of the welder is very stable, highlighting the high efficiency, high speed and high performance. Although the stud welding machine integrating automation, intelligence and digitization has excellent functions, it also requires high quality of welding studs, timely maintenance and maintenance, and higher maintenance cost than manual stud welding machines.

The fully automatic welding torch is superior to the stepping motor control by servo motor control. The servo motor control fully automatic welding torch has higher precision, lower error rate and more stable performance than the welding of the stepping motor control welding torch.

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