Tin mine and beneficiation technology

Tin ore fraction and placer ore two kinds of primary, primary ore frequently with iron, copper, lead, zinc, tungsten, bismuth, molybdenum, silver, antimony, fluorite and rare elements, sometimes associated sulfur, arsenic and the like. The mineral processing technology should fully consider the comprehensive recycling.

For the mining quality of the primary mining industry: Sn should generally be above 0.2%. The thickness of the mining is >0.8 m, and the thickness of the stone is removed by >2 m.

Cassiterite election process should be determined after chemical analysis in multi-metal ore, comprehensive recovery process different valuable metals are very different.

The main source of industrial tin is cassiterite (SnO 2 ). The main selection method of cassiterite is re-election. However, due to the brittleness of cassiterite, it is easy to be muddy in the process of crushing, grinding and sorting in nature and concentrator. Therefore, the cassiterite is recovered from the re-selected fine mud and tailings by flotation.

Tinfosite can be collected by various fatty acids and their soaps. Oleic acid, tal oil, oxide wax, alkyl sulfate, alkyl sulfonate, etc. can be used as collectors for cassiterite.

The test confirmed that various toluic acid (mixed with toluic acid with p-toluic acid and cold mother liquor, the effect of selecting cassiterite is very good. Flotation of cassiterite with toluene citrate, crude selection of PH value 5-6, fine The selected pH is 2.5-4.0. The pH can be adjusted with sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate and sulfuric acid.

Inhibition with sodium silicate gangue minerals, with hexametaphosphate, sodium phosphate, calcium carboxymethyl cellulose, magnesium inhibition gangue minerals.

Before the cassiterite flotation, it is usually necessary to remove the fine mud of -10u, and then add water glass, soda, etc. to remove the mud.

The vein tin is often accompanied by sulfide minerals such as iron, arsenic, antimony, lead, copper and zinc. Therefore, before the selection of the cassiterite, the active agent of the sulfide mineral and the collector float out of the sulfide mineral to ensure the tin concentrate. grade.

If the grade of the flotation concentrate tin is unqualified, it can be re-selected by a re-selection device such as a belt chute.

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