Traditional PVC pipe usher in a new opportunity for development

Zhang Yuchuan, chairman of the Beijing Plastics Industry Association and plastic pipe expert, said in an interview with reporters recently: “Since there is a large spread between PVC and polyolefins such as PE and PP, and because of technological innovation, traditional PVC pipes are being Usher in new opportunities for development."
PVC pipe is one of the earliest plastic pipes in the world and has been used for more than 70 years. PVC pipe is still the largest amount of plastic pipe products used so far, and the annual global output is about 10 million tons. The annual output of hard PVC (PVC-U) pipes in China exceeds 1.2 million tons, accounting for about half of the total volume of plastic pipes. However, in recent years, due to the impact of raw material prices, some manufacturers have added a large amount of fillers in PVC pipes to produce non-standard products, giving users a sense of distrust in PVC-U pipes. In addition, the poor impact resistance of PVC-U pipes also restricts its further application, and the PVC pipe industry faces enormous challenges.
“But there are currently two major factors that have brought new opportunities for the development of PVC pipes.” Zhang Yuchuan pointed out. On the one hand, this is due to the rapid expansion of PVC production capacity in the domestic calcium carbide process in recent years. The price of PVC resin has not only risen with the rise in international oil prices, but has declined somewhat. Compared with other plastic pipe materials such as PP and PE, it has opened up. Big price difference, and in view of China's "poor oil rich coal" resource situation, this spread will continue to be maintained in the future, will help enhance the PVC pipe market competitiveness. On the other hand, with the continuous enhancement of independent innovation awareness of domestic pipe companies, the development of new PVC pipes is very active, and technological progress has brought innovative value to PVC pipes. According to Zhang Yuchuan, the main direction of progress in PVC pipe technology is to improve the toughness of the pipe and expand the application area without reducing the strength of the pipe. The outstanding technical innovations at home and abroad are modified PVC (PVC-M) pipes and oriented PVC (PVC-O) pipes for pressure pipelines. These two varieties are modified by physical and chemical properties, while maintaining the original strength advantages of the pipe, while improving the impact properties of the pipe, combining the toughness of the PE pipe and the strength of the PVC-U to improve performance. It also saves material and extends the application area.
Zhang Yuchuan said that domestic related companies should seize this opportunity to push China's traditional PVC pipeline to a new stage of development.

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