· Traffic control department: ambulance is expected to install a camera to shoot illegally

The emergency lane is used for sudden emergency parking, ambulances, and fire trucks to pass quickly, but private car occupancy affects the efficiency of emergency lanes. The Beijing Traffic Management Department said it is studying the installation of cameras on special vehicles such as fire engines and ambulances to curb the use of emergency vehicles by private cars.
According to the traffic control department, at present, the problem of illegal traffic lanes in various loops and the difficulty in on-site law enforcement are beginning to adopt the method of “shared application” to strengthen illegal monitoring. Some security cameras and bus car cameras have been shared with the traffic violation system of the traffic control department. The illegal facts of shooting can also be used as the basis for traffic violations.
In response to the illegal use of emergency lanes by a large number of vehicles at the airport, the traffic control department installed emergency lane monitoring equipment at the high-speed entrance and exit of the airport.
At the same time, the traffic control department said that in addition to the existing sharing of public transportation vehicle equipment, it ensures the effective operation of Jingtong Express, Jingkai Expressway and the Southwest Third Ring Expressway. On this basis, the department of traffic control and other departments are also studying the installation of traffic violation monitoring equipment on special vehicles such as fire engines and ambulances, and collecting illegal traffic lanes in multiple lanes.
According to the data provided by the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau, since the launch of the powerful rectification illegally occupied emergency lanes, bus lanes and drivers and passengers in October without the three types of illegal acts of seat belts, a total of 27,000 illegal belts were seized and the buses were occupied. There are 172,000 roads and 19,000 emergency lanes.
■ On-site “Right-turn vehicles can borrow 30 meters from the bus lane”
At 7 o'clock in the morning, it was the morning peak. The Zhongguancun Brigade of the Haidian Traffic Detachment set up a card in a section of the Lenovo Bridge South to intercept vehicles illegally occupying the bus lane. From 7:30 to 8:30, the police punish a total of 6 illegal bus lanes.
The reporter noticed that this section of the road is a tie line. There are three lanes on the upper and lower sides. There are not many vehicles in the morning and peak hours. Occasionally, there may be a long queue of red lights at the intersection, but it will be relieved soon after turning green. Therefore, the waiting time of the vehicle is not very long.
Zhong Mengcun’s sergeant Ren Meng said that many drivers have to go to work to catch up with the time, and there is always a chance of being lucky. Therefore, it is very common to illegally occupy bus lanes.
The reporter also found a situation on the spot. Since the bus lane is located in the outermost lane, the vehicle that needs to turn right at the intersection can get to the bus lane to turn right. Many drivers see the police, and hesitate when turning right. Undecided.
However, the on-site law enforcement police said that he had dealt with too many accidents because the right-turning driver did not dare to borrow the bus lane. When crossing the intersection, he turned right and right, and then the bus broke. “When it is necessary to turn right at the intersection, the social vehicle can borrow 30 meters of bus lanes before and after the intersection.” The police reminded the owners to pay attention.

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