Train track safety guardian - track inspection car

Nowadays, the traffic for people is extremely convenient. You can drive by yourself. You can take trains, trains, and high-speed trains. When you fly away, you can fly over the planes. The harbor city can be reached by boat. At present, the train is still the most popular mode of transportation for people. It is not only fast but also cheap. The daily passenger flow by train can reach hundreds of millions of people. As the train shuttles back and forth on the rails every day, the maintenance of the rails is particularly important. Rail Inspection Vehicle - a special vehicle designed to detect the geometric status and irregular conditions of train tracks, where irregular track can be found, and emergency repair or speed limit measures can be implemented in time to identify problems and timely prepare maintenance operation plans. .


The early state of the track was checked by humans until the appearance of the track detection vehicle. It not only detected the height, level, triangle pit, direction, and gauge of the track, but also detected mileage and driving speed. Some of them can also detect the curve's ultra-high, curvature, irregularity such as the direction of the track, and the equilibrium speed of the curve. In addition, the track inspection vehicle can detect the size of the track and the irregularities of the track to assess the track quality. However, the damage of the specific track parts, such as the decay of the sleepers and the looseness of the fasteners, still requires manual labor. Inspection.

In 1953, Tangshan produced and manufactured the first track inspection vehicle for the Chinese railway. In 1986, the computer track data processing system was successfully developed. In 1999, it produced and equipped the GJ-4 fourth-generation track inspection vehicle. The EGX track geometry detection car appeared in 2007. The development research results of China's track inspection vehicle technology include “inertial reference track irregularity detection device” and “track super high detection device”, “rechargeable track gauge detection device” and “multifunction” that can measure the level of the track, level, and irregularity. Vibration detection device etc. At present, new track inspection vehicles have been developed that further combine these devices with other advanced equipment.

The high-speed rail is also the high-speed railway. Its detection vehicle is very symbolic. Its appearance is yellow, so it is not called "Dr. Huang." It mainly conducts strict safety inspections on all parameters of the entire line and communication equipment. The vehicle is equipped with various types of testing instruments, and the workers detect and evaluate the entire line through these detection instruments to detect the problem of failure.


The track inspection vehicle is an important tool to ensure the safety of the vehicle, the safety of the passengers in the vehicle, and the comfort. It also guides the direction and method of track maintenance.

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