Used car maintenance fuel saving method

Used car maintenance fuel saving method

For wage earners whose income is not very high, the embarrassment often encountered is the image that “you can't afford a car and cannot afford to raise a car.” Buying a car is a fixed expense, and keeping a car is a waste of money. When purchasing a used car, the price is low, and the car-paying expenses make many car owners overwhelmed. At the same time, it also discourages many people who want to become car owners. However, the most expensive thing in keeping a car is the fuel cost. So how can we save more fuel when it comes to maintenance? Xiao Bian hereby sums up the following few tips for saving fuel and hopes to help the owners.

First, adjust the speed of driving according to the road conditions.

Pay attention to develop good driving habits when driving normally, grasp the characteristics of the car and driving essentials, can reduce vehicle wear and fuel consumption. It is best to keep a constant speed while driving. In a crowded city, the speed of the vehicle is most fuel-efficient. The economic speed is 60-90 km/h. Too high or too low the speed is not good for fuel economy. In addition, it should be gentle at the time of starting. Do not rush into acceleration or deceleration. This will not only cause loss of automobile parts but also increase fuel consumption.

Second, conduct a secondary maintenance of the vehicle.

Including the replacement of "three filters", oil, steering oil, automatic transmission oil, brake fluid, coolant, spark plugs, all kinds of belts, to clean the throttle, idle motor, ultrasonic cleaning nozzle, cleaning tank and fuel tank for each The butter is applied to the transmission parts to restore the vehicle to the best operating condition.

Third, the tire gas should be enough.

Maintaining used cars requires fuel economy to have a certain relationship with tire pressure. Insufficient air pressure will increase the friction between tires and the ground and increase fuel consumption. Therefore, tire pressure should be checked frequently. In addition, if the tire is worn out severely, slippage will occur and fuel consumption will increase. If necessary, replace the tire. According to statistics, under-inflated tires will increase fuel consumption by 15%, and tire life will also be reduced by 15% or more.

Fourth, empty the trunk.

Many car owners are accustomed to putting things in the trunk for convenience, but they do not know that such a habit imposes additional burden on the engine. According to statistics, the fuel consumption will increase by 4.4% for every 100kg of vehicle weight, so try to empty your trunk as much as possible.

Fifth, do not blindly pursue high-grade oil.

It is as simple as a car for people to eat, and the nutritional balance is much better than that of a big fish. At present, there are many different types of gasoline on the market, and whether the use of gasoline meets the standards has a close relationship with car maintenance. Therefore, experts recommend that owners: According to the actual model to select the correct number of gasoline.

Sixth, high-speed driving up the window.

Whether we should turn on air conditioning during driving is one of the most common problems we have encountered. Turning off air conditioning at low speeds can indeed save fuel, but on highways I have always closed the windows to open air conditioners, while some owners have not opened air conditioners but have opened windows. Increased air resistance, like a parachute, lowers the speed, which is more fuel-efficient than opening an air conditioner.

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