Using desulfurization and denitrification equipment can adapt to higher environmental requirements

Desulphurization principle: The desulphurization principle of magnesium oxide is similar to that of calcium oxide. It is a basic oxide that reacts with water to form hydroxides, and then reacts with the sulfurous acid solution produced by dissolving sulfur dioxide in water to perform an acid-base comprehensive reaction. The magnesium sulfite and magnesium sulfate produced by the reaction are reused after SO2 is recovered, or they are subjected to forced oxidization and converted into sulphate completely to prepare magnesium sulfate heptahydrate.

Ammonia desulfurization process and features


1. Fully-resourced--turning waste into treasure and destroying damage

2, high value of desulfurization by-products

3, device resistance is small, save operating power consumption

4, anti-corrosion advanced, reliable operation

5, equipment and equipment occupy a small area, easy to old boiler transformation

6, both desulfurization and denitrification - to adapt to environmental protection and higher requirements

7, independent intellectual property technology, suitable for long-term promotion

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