Verve 2 Connects Computer World with Interactive Smart Sensors

If you like to create internet connected apps that can be triggered by smart sensors, you may be interested in a new device called Verve 2 that has been launched on the Kickstarter website. Verve 2 needs to be connected to a computer and then connected to a variety of different sensors depending on the project you are building. Each sensor can be triggered to start a process on your computer, such as by tweet, email or action IFTTT.
Its creator explained: Verve 2 is a combination of three great products. First of all, like its predecessor (Verse 1), it is a sensor system that you can use to easily control your favorite games or applications. Second, it is a network data server that allows you to read sensor data over the Internet. Third, it is a fully-fledged, easy-to-use data acquisition system that allows you to collect and monitor data from your research project.
Verve 2 is a very interesting educational toy that will slowly physics experts and creators. With Shen Yun 2, students learn computer, science, technology, ability to solve problems and creativity. The kit is also available out of the box, with eight super useful sensors and lots of fun games and apps to try out. Verve 2 is a scientific and rational project that is simply fantastic. It allows students to “learn, do, and demonstrate.” There are no other similar products on the market.

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