Vlf High Voltage Generator 90kv

Model NO.: VLF-90
HS Code: 9030339000
The VLF testers (Generator) are suitable for
Testing cables, transformers, switchgear,
Rotating machinery, and other
Electrical apparatus.

Vlf High Voltage Generator 90kv

VLF Advantage
1. Easiest to use Fully automatic microcontroller
2. Built-in printer
3. True sine wave output
4. Real-time display of actual output waveform
5. Ergonomic, menu guided, large backlit LCD
6. Storage of test results for later retrieval and print.
7. Over voltage and current protected
8. Variable frequency 0.1Hz, 0.05Hz, 0.02 Hz
9. Data of current, voltage and waveform directly sampled at HV side.
10. AC testing does not degrade good cable insulation
11. Harmful space charges are not injected into the cable insulation
12. No traveling waves are generated during testing
13. Rugged and reliable design less prone to failure from transients

Safety Features
1. Short circuit protected.
2. Status display of all important safety functions and messages.
3. Safe, easy to use operation with emergency off and key switch lock-out.
4. Fully integrated discharge circuit to safely ground the DUT after testing.
5. Zero start interlock.
6. Zero voltage switching.

Vlf High Voltage Generator 90kv

1. Input: 220 ± 10% Volts AC, 50/60 Hz, single phase.
2. Output-Voltage: 90KV
3. Output frequency: 0.1Hz, 0.05Hz, 0.02Hz.
4. Stability of frequency: Fluctuation < 0.5%
5. Measurement accuracy: ± 3%.
6. Positive and negative voltage peak errors: ≤ 3%.
7. Voltage waveform distortion: ≤ 5%
8. Construction: In two units: Controller and Booster...
9. Ambient conditions of use: Temperature Indoor and outdoor: -10 to + 50ºC.
10. Humidity: ≤ 85%.

Load Capacity Control Unit Booster Fuse 
Frequency/Capacitance Net Dim.
Net Wt
Net Dim.
 Net Wt
VLF-30/1.1  30KV/29mA    0.1Hz ≤ 1.1uF
   0.05Hz ≤ 2.2uF
   0.02Hz ≤ 5.5uF
28×37×22 5 33×18×34 25 8A
VLF-40/1.1  40KV/29mA    0.1Hz ≤ 1.1uF
   0.05Hz ≤ 2.2uF
   0.02Hz ≤ 5.5uF
28×37×22 5 35×20×36 45 8A
VLF-50/1.1  50KV/59mA    0.1Hz ≤ 1.1uF
   0.05Hz ≤ 2.2uF
   0.02Hz ≤ 5.5uF
 28×37×22 5 37×24×39 45 10A
VLF-60/1.1  60KV/59mA    0.1Hz ≤ 0.5uF
   0.05Hz ≤ 1.0uF
   0.02Hz ≤ 2.5uF
 28×37×22 5 33×18×34
25+45 20A
VLF-70/1.1  70KV/59mA    0.1 Hz, ≤1.1µF
   0.05Hz, ≤2.2µF
   0.02Hz, ≤5.5µF
 28×37×22 5  33×18×34
25+45 20A
VLF-80/1.1   80KV/59mA    0.1 Hz, ≤1.1µF
   0.05Hz, ≤2.2µF
   0.02Hz, ≤5.5µF
28×37×22 5 33×18×34
25+45 20A
VLF-90/1.1   90KV/59mA    0.1 Hz, ≤1.1µF
   0.05Hz, ≤2.2µF
   0.02Hz, ≤5.5µF
28×37×22 5 33×20×35
30+45 20A

Vlf High Voltage Generator 90kv

Vlf High Voltage Generator 90kv

Vlf High Voltage Generator 90kv

Vlf High Voltage Generator 90kv

Hexagonal Perforated Screen Mesh is also called punched hexagonal screen mesh, it is a btter choice between square holes and round holes where plugging occurs. Hexagonal perforated plate also has a higher production of accurately sized material due to its geometric shape and greatest amount of open area.

Hexagonal perforated screen mesh material: Q235, stainless steel plate

Hole shape: Round hole, square hole, hexagonal hole.

Punching hole mesh features:

Accurate dimension
Smooth finish
Rust proof

Punch plate applications:

Engineering industries Sugar Industries

Food Processing Acoustic insulation

Building Oil refineries

Agricultural sector Rice mills

Nuclear Power Plants Furniture

Petro Chemical industries Rubber Industries

Flour mills

Hexagonal perforated screen mesh specifications:

Length: up to 3 meter
Thickness size: 1 mm to 20 mm
Width: up to 1.5meter
Hole size: 2 mm to 75 mm

Hexagonal Perforated Screen Mesh

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