“Water ten” call out to rectify water pollution

“Water ten” call out to rectify water pollution

Wu Xiaoqing, vice minister of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, disclosed at the summit that at present, the “Water Ten Articles” has basically been completed and the “Soil Pollution Prevention Action Plan” is accelerating. Experts expect that the three major environmental protection action plans for the atmosphere, water, and soil will involve environmental protection investment demand will exceed 6 trillion yuan.

Among the three major environmental protection action plans, the "Water Pollution Prevention Action Plan" has a arduous task. In response, Vice Minister of Ministry of Environmental Protection Wei Qing publicly stated that "since the mode of economic development is extensive, the industrial structure and layout is unreasonable, and there are still many problems in the urban and rural environmental infrastructure facilities, the amount of pollutants generated and emissions are still too large. In many areas, the environmental capacity is overloaded. According to estimates by relevant domestic experts, the current pollutants should be reduced by 30% to 50% and the water environment will be significantly improved.”

The 21st Century Business Herald learned that the Twelfth National People’s Congress has incorporated the amendments to the Water Pollution Prevention Act into the 2015 legislative plan. “The improvement of water environment quality is a long-term process. It is recommended that the country should handle the relationship between laws, standards and planning, and establish a mechanism to guide planning through laws and standards.” A local environmental protection official analyzed 21st Century Business Herald reporters.

Water pollution presents nine characteristics

According to Chen Changzhi, vice chairman of the National People's Congress, the relevant information shows that the per capita water resources in China are 2,100 cubic meters, which is only 28% of the world average level; the average annual water shortage in China is more than 50 billion cubic meters, two-thirds. The water shortage in the cities and nearly 300 million people in rural areas are unsafe for drinking water. The shortage of water resources has become the main bottleneck restricting the sustainable economic and social development of our country; what is more severe is the unreasonable use of water resources in our country, and the problem of water pollution is increasingly serious. .

According to the "2013 China Environment State Bulletin" (hereinafter referred to as the "Gazette"), the countries in the ten major river basins such as the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, the Pearl River, the Songhua River, the Huaihe River, the Haihe River, the Liaohe River, the Zhegao River, the Northwest Rivers, and the Southwest Rivers Of the control sections, nearly one-tenth of the water quality of the surface water-controlled sections of the surface water is worse than that of the V class; of the 4778 groundwater quality monitoring sites, 59.6% have poor or even poor water quality; Among them, 7 have poor or poor water quality.

“According to the “Communiqué,” the central government standard for drinking water sources reached 97.3% in 2013, which is the standard of Class III water.” Professor Wang Zhansheng, Professor of School of Environment, Tsinghua University and Deputy Director of the Water Supply and Drainage Branch Water Supply and Drainage Committee of the China Civil Engineering Society, for the 21st Century Economy According to the reporter’s analysis, “In fact, there is very little type II water supply, and most of the water taken from the waterworks is Type III water. What makes people wonder is whether 97.3% of the water has really reached the standard of Type III water? Give a definite answer. Water sources in the future water supply area must be upgraded to meet Class II.”

Song Yonghui introduced that research on water special projects found that the pollution of water bodies in China presented nine characteristics: the water quality of river trunks and key lakes continued to improve, but the tributary pollution was serious; the level of urban water pollution treatment was significantly improved, but it still needs to be further strengthened; urban water supply capacity Overall improvement, but the water quality problem is still very prominent. The rural water supply capacity is insufficient, the water quality and water quality guarantee rate is low; the C0D discharge in the river basin is effectively controlled, and the discharge of nitrogen pollutants is the primary problem for river water quality improvement; conventional pollutant control has obvious results, but it is toxic The problem of harmful substances is highlighted, cross-border pollution accidents occur frequently, and environmental risks remain high.

“The ecological health of rivers and lakes has deteriorated and the service function and the capacity of ecological products have been seriously reduced. This has become the main bottleneck in the construction of ecological civilization in the river basin; the total amount of the target has a significant effect on pollution load reduction, but it is out of line with the water environment capacity and restricts the water environment quality of the river basin. Continuous improvement, the promotion of water quality management at the national level is imperative.” Song Yonghui said, “Regular monitoring and supervision capabilities have been greatly improved, but risk monitoring and early warning capabilities are insufficient, and the safety of drinking water and water basin environmental monitoring capabilities need to be further strengthened; With the standard system for water management has obvious results, but restricting the requirements of different management of zoning, classification, and phases, it should continue to improve the relevant laws, standards and policy systems.

" Water Ten" mainly includes six major points

“Based on research on water special projects, we have put forward ten recommendations for the 'Water Ten Article', including the comprehensive standardization of river mainstreams and the comprehensive improvement of tributaries, lake algae control and eutrophication control, urban and rural water environment improvement and function standards, and urban and rural water supply security. Enhancement of safeguarding capabilities, control of the entire process of water pollution in key industries, clean watersheds and rural environmental governance, reduction and control of toxic and hazardous substances, prevention of damage to well-watered areas, restoration of damaged water bodies, total capacity control of watersheds, management of water quality goals, and systems Institutional system construction and watershed supervision.” Song Yong will introduce that they have been included in the “Water Ten.”

Song Yonghui introduced that at present, “Water Ten Articles” involves many topics, including six key points: prevention and control of industrial pollution based on comprehensive industrial structure, industrial technology level, and product life cycle; life pollution based on the management of material flow in urban watershed integration. Prevention and control; based on clean production, recycling economy of agriculture and rural pollution prevention and control; based on the construction and operation and maintenance of drinking water safety protection system from the source to the leader; based on water quality, water volume and water ecology integrated basin water environment management, that is, the 18th The Third Plenary Session referred to the management of the “Integration of the Life Community of Shantui Lintian Lake”; strict legal and institutional guarantees, market-based mechanisms, and scientific and technological support.

“In the urban water pollution control field, 'Water Ten Article' proposes to control urban black stinky water bodies below 10% by 2020.” Song Yonghui analyzes that even though the buildings in the city are covered with beautiful buildings, the road is built very smoothly. Many cities and lakes are terrible. Therefore, "Water Ten" put forward clear requirements for the treatment of black and odor bodies.

Song Yonghui further pointed out that there is no clear standard for what is a "black stinky body of water." "The standards are related to whether people can meet the expectations, so we are studying the corresponding technical standards and norms."

At the same time, it is difficult to coordinate the management and management of the water environment of the river basin proposed by the “Water Ten Article”. “We have a Water Resources Protection Bureau in the major river basins. In a period of time, the agency used the dual leadership of the Ministry of Water Resources and the Ministry of Environmental Protection. However, the two departments could not reach consensus on issues such as budget, staffing, and information sharing. As a result, this mechanism has not come to an end. At present, the river basin committee is only a dispatching agency of the Ministry of Water Resources and cannot represent the Ministry of Environmental Protection, nor can it represent various stakeholders in the waters.” Wang Yi, director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Management Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 21st Century Business Herald Reporter analysis.

Wang Yi further suggested that priority should be given to the pilot work of the river basin environmental management agencies, be responsible for the supervision and coordination of the basin's environmental quality, and also consider the integration of water resources management and water environment management through the reorganization of river basin organizations. "The mechanism of watershed management needs to be improved and breakthrough."

“Water management involves multiple departments, the so-called 'Kowloon Water Management': environmental quality of water management of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, infrastructure and management of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, water management of the Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Land and Infrastructure responsible for groundwater monitoring, and water quality monitoring of the leading water of the Ministry of Health Each of the 'dragons' has clear responsibilities and these 'dragons' should work together, but the actual situation is not ideal. Therefore, we need to establish a clearer coordination mechanism for division of labor.” Song Yong will recommend.

"It is worth noting that in the area of ​​water environmental governance, we have enough types of planning. What we lack is not planning but standards. Groundwater Environmental Quality Standards, such as Environmental Quality Standards for Surface Water and Towns Wastewater treatment plant pollutant discharge standards "has been in disrepair over the years, and it is recommended that the country draft and revise relevant standards as soon as possible to encourage enterprises to meet discharge standards and raise standards." The aforementioned local environmental officials pointed out.


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