Weihai Zoo, Shandong Province, admitted that the tiger killed the same type of food denied denied

Weihai Zoo, Shandong Province, acknowledged that the tiger killed the same type of diesel generators denied denied | diesel generator price / 2012-07-14

Recently, news of three tigers in a zoo in Weihai, Shandong, has been reported by the Internet, causing widespread concern among Internet users. The person in charge of the zoo told reporters that the park did experience a white tiger attack by a Bengal tiger, but denied that tiger hunger killed his companion because of lack of food. The reporter learned that in recent years, the interests of animals in zoos have been frequently damaged, and the state of survival is not optimistic. The protection of animal welfare needs to be strengthened.
Did the tiger bite to death due to lack of food?
A netizen posted on the Internet and said that on the morning of July 9th, a tiger “kill each other” incident occurred in the Shenhuashan Wildlife Reserve in Weihai, Shandong Province. Three Bengal tigers siege a rare white tiger and kill the latter. .
According to reports, the white tiger is a white variant of the Bengal tiger. The wild white tiger has become extinct, and now the white tiger is artificially propagated. At present, there are few animals in the world and it is the first-class protected animal in China.
Reports that the rare white tiger was killed by the same type were republished on the Internet and triggered a lot of attention from Internet users. Many netizens questioned that the cause of this tragedy was that the zoo had not given enough food to the tigers and the tigers had died of hunger. One netizen said: "Many tigers and lions in the zoo are hungry and the zoo has to save enough food for the animals."
The reporter recently came to the Xixiakou Shendiaoshan Wildlife Reserve in Shandong Rongcheng. The nature reserve belongs to Xixiakou Group in Weihai and is a private zoo.
Liang Jundeng, general manager of Weihai Xixiakou Tourism Co., Ltd., told the reporter that the zoo did experience a similar incident in which a tiger killed him. He said that on the morning of the 9th, three Bengal tigers attacked a white tiger, causing severe injuries to the latter. Although he was fully rescued, the white tiger has died and is currently sent to relevant agencies for testing.
Zoo: Tigers have good food, it may be fun
According to the introduction of the Liang Jun Party, there were six tigers in the shed where the accident occurred. Among them were three Bengal tigers, two snow tigers and one white tiger. Among them, 3 Bengal tigers were 1 year old, Snow Tiger and White Tiger were 10 months old, and 6 underaged tigers shared the same park about 7 months ago.
Liang Jundang said: "It is not yet possible to determine the real reason why the Bengal tiger has killed the White Tiger, but it is unlikely that it is due to insufficient food."
Yin Guangyue, director of the beast area of ​​the Shendiaoshan Wildlife Reserve, said that the park has strict standard food facilities for the animals it manages. The sub-adult tigers in the incident had four pounds of beef and a pound of chicken neck and chicken. The racks are equipped with eggs, cod liver oil, etc. The dosage is sufficient for the normal needs of sub-adult tigers. And such food standards are much higher than most domestic zoos. After the other three Bengal tigers attacked the White Tiger, they did not eat their bodies. Therefore, there was no situation of hunger and food hunger.
Liang Jundang said that the park is a village-run wild animal protection zone. It operates on its own, and is responsible for its own profits and losses. It is one of the few profitable animal protection areas in China. There are no grounds for deduction of animal food, and the park has always acted as a valuable resource. Principles, so there will not be a case of corruption on the Internet.
Liang Jundang said that according to the current situation of the park and the analysis of relevant experts, the tigers in the incident have not yet reached adulthood, so the possibility of contending for the territory and spouse can basically be ruled out. The possible reason for the occurrence of similar incidents in the tiger bite is the excessive playfulness of the wild bengal tigers who smelled bloody and broke out wildly. The export damage was similar.
The reporter saw in the penis on the 11th. At present, there are only 2 snow tigers left in the accident. The 3 Bangladeshi tigers of the “ecstasy” have been sent to another pens for rearing.
How to protect animal welfare?
The reporter learned that in recent years, frequent violations of animal rights in zoos have caused widespread public concern. In order to facilitate the management, the Shanghai Zoo conducted 21 "flank-broken" flamingos; the Lanzhou Zoo saw the deer antler for the protection of the deer, and 11 tigers were starved to death in the Shenyang Safari Park. Experts and netizens called for zoos to take effective measures to effectively protect animal welfare.
Li Yuchun, professor of animal science at Shandong University and a professor at the School of Marine Studies, believes that zoo animals must guarantee basic animal welfare. Specifically, animals must first have sufficient space, food, and perfect medical conditions. Second, animals must not be harassed by tourists. They must have certain "quiet privacy" conditions. Third, humane management of animals. Do not violate the animal's natural behavioral attributes to carry out excessive human intervention.
Li Yuchun said that many zoos in order to reduce costs, food intake is too low, resulting in excessive animal malnutrition environmental pressure, resulting in animal physiological and behavioral disorders. The zoo should feed the right number of animals according to its own capacity. At the same time, it respects the living habits of animals and tries to restore the ecological environment of animal life.
Liang Jundang said that although there are different voices in the community, from the current point of view, the existence of a zoo is very necessary. "The zoo has saved many animals that are in danger of extinction. These animals have been extinct in nature but have been bred in zoos."
Li Yuchun believes that it is extremely rare for tigers to kill similar incidents. This also warns the zoo to change the feeding conditions and management methods and guard against the recurrence of such tragedies.
At present, Shendiaoshan Wildlife Reserve has arranged animal housing in a zoning manner in strict accordance with the animal species. It plans to install monitoring equipment into every housing in the park, and at the same time, it will cooperate with manual management to strengthen the daily life of animals. Monitoring to avoid the recurrence of this incident.
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