What are the common methods of sampling minerals?

There are many sampling methods for minerals, and each mineral has different sampling methods. The commonly used methods are briefly described as follows:
First, the groove method: in the part of the ore body to be sampled, a certain size of the groove is cut, and all the ore rocked in the groove is taken as a sample.
Second, the picking block method: from the collected rock piles, on the ore truck, ship, belt or finished ore pile according to a certain grid distance or point spacing, pick out roughly equal pieces of ore, combined into one sample.
Third, the engraved line method: one or several continuous or regular continuous line-shaped ditch is engraved on the excavation of the rock, and all the ore that has been chiseled is collected as a sample.
Fourth, the grid method: a certain shape of the rope network or a grid is arranged in the rock outcrop, and the ore rock is taken as a sample at the intersection or center of the grid.
5. Eye-opening method: The ore collected during the perforation process is used as a sample.
Sixth, the whole lane method: all or part of the ore within the tunnel of a certain footage of the mine body is taken as a sample.
7. Stripping method: A layer of ore rock is drilled as a sample at a certain distance on the surface of the ore sample to be sampled.
8. Drilling method (also called core sampling): The core, cuttings and rock powder obtained from drilling are used as samples.

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2.1basket shaped johson screen

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