What are the policy support points for the development of the cold chain market in the 9.6-meter refrigerated truck?

I believe everyone is aware of the latest developments. The 9.6-meter refrigerated truck is developing rapidly in the cold-chain market. Apart from the increase in market demand, it also has a great relationship with national policies. Recently, the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China has provided financial support for ten representative provinces and cities with the aim of increasing investment in cold chain logistics. The promulgation of this policy can be said to play a significant role in promoting the refrigerated car market. What are the factors that influence the support of the cold chain market?

The first is that the types of cargo storage and transportation in China are constantly increasing. Among them, fresh goods are easily affected by temperature in the process of transportation, and they are prone to spoilage. To a large extent, they cannot guarantee the quality of products. In some developed countries, the related refrigerated transport rate is also increasing. This point, for the country with rapid economic development, also needs to keep pace with the developed countries. Therefore, with the huge market demand, the 9.6-meter refrigerated truck quickly flows into the market under the urging of policies.

Second, China's national conditions have determined that the largest demand for refrigerated trucks . China is also regarded as a large agricultural and animal husbandry country in the world. There are not only crops such as rice and wheat, but also livestock products such as pigs and cattle. For those who are not in the same area, enjoying the food produced in other areas can only be obtained through frozen transportation. The refrigerated transport has become a necessary condition for obtaining livestock food in different places. With the increase of the economic level and the consumption level in China, the demand for refrigerated vegetables and livestock products in metropolitan areas has increased. Therefore, the 9.6-meter refrigerated truck has become an irreplaceable transportation tool.

The third point is the larger problem caused by the original cold-chain market. China's original cold-chain market did not have a clear management system. Most of them were carried out by small-scale enterprise organizations. This poses a great threat to the quality and cost of the product. Therefore, with the promulgation of the national policy, undoubtedly expanding the scope of development of the cold chain market, excellent management systems and financial support for large enterprises, coupled with national policy assistance, these aspects are virtually driving the development of refrigerated trucks . .

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