What driver license is required to drive a sprinkler?

Sprinklers are vehicles that have more work in summer. Sprinklers can not be separated from watering the site, cooling the road, and watering the flowers and trees. Those who have seen the sprinkler will know that it has a relatively large appearance, which is similar to that of a medium-sized truck. It is not the size of an ordinary car. Therefore, if you want to drive a sprinkler, you cannot use a driver's license of an ordinary car. So, what kind of driver's license is needed to drive the sprinkler? The following Xiaobian introduces you to relevant knowledge.


At present, China's driving is mainly divided into C1, B1, B2 these three, C1 is what we usually refer to the c license, when driving a car with the c license, most people learn the car test is also a C1 driver's license. B1 is used to open medium-sized and large-sized vehicles. The country also makes strict distinctions on the size of models. B2 is one level higher than B1, and most of them are heavy vehicles.


People who know a little about the sprinkler know that it is large, medium and small. The sprinkler is mainly classified according to its tonnage. For example, a sprinkler less than 2 tons belongs to a small category. A person with a c1 driver's license can open it. 2-6 tons of sprinklers are medium-sized vehicles, 6-14 tons of sprinklers are large vehicles, that is, 2-14 tons of sprinklers need a B1 driving license to open; sprinklers larger than 14 tons require B2 driving Permit to open.

At present, the most used sprinklers are mostly medium and large tonnages, so the ideal driving license for driving sprinklers is B1. But to remind you that you can have a B1 driver's license can also open a car, but have c1 driver's license but can not open medium and large vehicles, the owner can not be used cross-class, otherwise it will face relevant penalties.

What kind of driver's license is required to drive a sprinkler ? If you do not obtain a corresponding driver's license, you cannot open a sprinkler. Once you open a sprinkler without a license, you will not only bring yourself a safety risk, but also endanger the health of others. Once you have been traffic police, If you find out, you will also face penalties such as penalties and deductions, which will bring you a lot of trouble.

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