What is the difference between a switch and a router?

One of the differences
The router can automatically assign IP to your LAN, virtual dialing, like a traffic police, directing your computer where to go, you don't have to worry about it. The switch is only used to distribute network data.
Difference two
The router is at the network layer, the router is addressed according to the IP address, the router can handle the TCP/IP protocol, and the switch cannot.
The switch is at the relay layer and the switch is addressed based on the MAC address.
Difference three
A router can assign an IP to a number of hosts, and these hosts only show one IP to the outside. The switch can connect many hosts, each of which has its own IP.
Difference four
The router can provide a firewall, and the switch cannot provide this function. Hubs and switches are all port extensions, which are to expand the access point of the LAN (usually Ethernet), which allows the LAN to connect to more computers. Routers are used to connect between networks, that is, to connect to different networks.

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