What is the parking space guiding structure?

The system consists of three parts, namely the data acquisition system, the central processing system, and the output display system.
data collection system
1 Install an ultrasonic probe directly above each parking space (the ultrasonic probe address can be set according to the site conditions, starting from the 1st, step by step), and 8 ultrasonic probes are connected to a probe controller via the RS485 bus; Can be transmitted via wireless RF)
2 The probe controller summarizes and processes the collected parking space status information through the RS485 bus, and then connects to the collection terminal through another RS485 bus. The probe controller can also control the parking space lights and the parking space status lights based on the collected parking space information. Up to 16 probe controllers (the probe controller address can also be set according to the site conditions, starting from the 1st and increasing step by step) to connect to a collection terminal;
3 The acquisition terminal transmits the parking space information collected from each probe controller to the data processing center (number 1 acquisition terminal) through the CAN bus. Up to 32 acquisition terminals can be connected to the CAN bus.
4 The data processing center (number 1 acquisition terminal) transmits the collected data to the PC for management in real time through the serial port (RS485 bus). The PC further processes and counts the parking space information. The data processing center can also transmit information to the collection terminal through the CAN bus, and then the collection terminal can be distributed to the nearby empty parking space display screen by wireless or wired to guide the driver to select the driving route.
Central processing system
Its function analyzes the collected data and displays it on the corresponding output device.
1 The data on the management PC can be used to publish the relevant data of the system through the local area network or the wide area network;
2 The GSM wireless MODEM can be connected to the data processing center (No. 1 collection terminal) to issue (transmit or receive) relevant data to the city parking guidance system control center;
3 Parking data release in the parking lot: The LED display screen is mainly used in the collection terminal. These LED screens are installed at the entrance of the parking lot or at the traffic junction to indicate the driving direction and the number of empty parking spaces.
4 When the vehicle enters a specific area of ​​the parking lot, the parking space indicator (vacated green light) connected to the ultrasonic probe in front of the parking space can guide the parking person to park the car in a specific parking space.
Output display system
It consists of a display and a guide card. Working principle Through the parking space detector, the parking space data of the parking lot is collected in real time. The system collects the information related to the parking space of the parking lot, and sends the information to the central processing system through the data transmission network according to certain rules, and the information is processed by the central processing system. After the analysis and processing, each relevant processing data is passed through the output device, and information is provided to each signboard, guide card, etc. in the parking lot to guide the vehicle to enter the relevant parking space. For the relevant parking space information, the system provides a data query interface.

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