What kind of lighting car

The types of lighting vehicles can be divided into four types, portable lift mobile lighting vehicles, all-round large-scale mobile lighting vehicles, all-round remote automatic lifting work lights and all-around trailer lighting towers. The following Xiao Bian made an introduction to these 4 kinds of lighting vehicles:

Portable lifting mobile lighting vehicle, the lamp panel is composed of 2盏150w metal halide lamp heads. The lighting is very bright and covers a wide range. The lamp life is much higher than other bulbs. The lifting adjustment mode of the portable lift mobile lighting vehicle adopts three sections of telescopic rods. At the weekend, the height of the lighting can be adjusted according to own needs. The maximum height is 3 meters. Each lamp can be adjusted 360 degrees, and a wide range of flood lighting and Flood lighting is loved by people. When using a generator set to work, it can be used for about 6 hours with full fuel, and 200v for main work. Portable lift mobile lighting vehicles are made of metal as a whole. They are structurally stable, waterproof and wind resistant, and can be adapted to harsh environments.

The large mobile lighting vehicle consists of 4 energy-saving lamps. When used, each lamp head must be individually adjusted. The rotation is 360 degrees. The lighting features high lighting brightness, a large range, and can be covered from both near and far. long. The use of three telescopic cylinders as the adjustment method, the telescopic height is 1.5 meters higher than the portable lift mobile lighting vehicle, and the coverage range is far beyond the portable lift mobile lighting vehicle reaching 55 meters. When the full oil working time reaches 13 hours, 220v utility power can also be used.

The remote control auto-lift lamp zoom mode, irradiation radius, working hours, and the use of power are the same as all-round large-scale mobile lighting vehicles. However, the remote automatic lift lamp can control the light box up and down within 50 meters, 270 degrees left and right rotation, and also control the opening and closing of 2 lights, using electric or manual valve to control the lifting of the telescopic rod.

The trailer lighting tower is composed of 4盏1000w high-efficiency energy-saving lamps, with high brightness, large lighting range, and long-term compatibility. The service life of more than 10,000 hours is suitable for large-scale construction work lighting. A high-strength aluminum alloy is used to make the lifting rod, and the lifting rod achieves automatic lifting, and the height is up to 6 meters. The lamp pan can be adjusted 360 degrees, covering a large range. Full oil can work continuously for 9 hours, connecting 220v electricity can be a long time lighting. All-around trailer lighting tower is simple, safe and reliable, wireless remote control within 30 meters.

The above is a brief introduction of Xiao Bian's types of lighting vehicles. If there are still problems, we can consult our staff. (Wen/Jun Xun)

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