What should be paid attention to when refitting a car headlight?

The car's headlights are just like human eyes and are an important part of it. With the prevalence of the term “refitting” and the fact that people nowadays like to highlight personalization, it led to the prevalence of refitting of headlights. Many people change the color of the lights to other colors than the original ones, such as blue and green. What problems should we pay attention to when modifying the lights?


1, for the brightness of the lights to be moderate, not the brighter the better. Although brightening the lights can attract more attention, it will also cause many unnecessary dangers under the stimulation of strong light. If the headlights are too bright, it will cause visual disturbances to people on the road when traveling on the road, which may cause accidents.

2. The lighting color of some positions of the lamp can not be changed arbitrarily, for example, the color conversion of the near and near lights must be modified according to the regulations, otherwise it will not only affect the vehicle inspection and insurance, but also may cause the occurrence of traffic accidents. .

3. For the location of the original lighting, we also can not freely mobilize, such as the width of lights, etc., and after the installation of decorative lights also need to avoid too close to the location of the original lights, resulting in interference, the location can not Too high, so as not to affect the sight of the opposite vehicle.


4. It is not advisable to carry out a single xenon lamp modification. If you want to improve the car's lighting system, we recommend using an upgraded halogen bulb or a brand-name brand of xenon headlamps with a guaranteed quality. Due to the good lighting effect of xenon headlamps, many owners prefer to convert the headlights into xenon headlamps. However, conversion into Xenon headlamps without permission is not only illegal in foreign countries, but it will also be difficult to pass the annual inspection of automobiles in China. Because of the high lighting intensity of the xenon lamp, the scattering of high-intensity light will stimulate the driver's line of sight to the opposite side, but it will easily cause traffic accidents. Therefore, foreign countries require vehicles equipped with xenon lamps to also be equipped with a set of lens systems to allow vehicles to The light range is more concentrated.

The above is about some considerations for the modification of automobile headlights. I hope that those who love to refit car headlights can play a vigilant role in helping us to better modify the headlights of cars, so as to avoid doing any useless work, which is time consuming. It broke again.

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