Wirtgen W 50 H milling machine is new

Wirtgen W 50 H Technology Highlights

1. The whole machine control highlights


LEVEL PRO high precision automatic leveling system

Intuitive operation

Electronic cross slope sensor

Wire-wound sensor for precise control of milling depth

Excellent operational line of sight design

Ideal for milling edges and important work areas

Full illumination of the bridge and controls

Optimized lighting

Simple and easy to operate

Proven and simple operation concept

High quality display


Machine height hydraulic adjustment with two speeds


2. Driving and steering system highlights


Optimal mobility

Very small turning radius

Small wheelbase ensures the machine has the best mobility

Driving speeds up to 8 km/h

Right rear wheel mechanical swing for easy edge milling


Right rear wheel mechanical swing

Strong traction and perfect terrain adaptability

Standard four-wheel design for improved machine stability

Large ground clearance

Powerful all-wheel drive system for maximum traction


The front axle guarantees a large steering angle

3. Milling and receiving system highlights


New milling rotor assembly ensures optimum performance

New milling rotor with HT 08 high wear-resistant seat

Different milling rotors are available to suit a range of construction applications

Rugged milling rotor drive gearbox

Robust and powerful sprinkler system for milling rotors

Hydraulic lifting on both sides

Counterweight that can flexibly adjust the weight of the machine


Intelligent design of milling rotor

Receiving belt

Quick and easy to install and disassemble

Flexible loading under all conditions

Strong receiving ability

4. Performance and production highlights


Always strong milling capability

Powerful diesel engine ensures optimum milling capability

Low center of gravity, optimized machine weight distribution

Mid-mounted water tank design ensures stable and reliable milling operations

Easy to transport and easy to maintain

Compact and reliable design

Rugged lifting ring for easy loading and unloading with cranes

All maintenance points are easily accessible


Rugged lifting ring for easy loading

Wirtgen W 50 H Specifications

Maximum milling depth: 180 mm

Engine power: 82 KW / 110 HP / 111 PS

Milling speed: 0 – 30.5 m/min (0 – 1.83 km/h)

Travel speed: 0 – 133 m/min (0 – 8 km/h)

Main unit size (L × W × H): 3,029 mm x 1,663 mm x 2,296 mm

Maximum working weight (full box, full configuration): 6,480 kg

The Wirtgen W 50 H milling machine, with a standard milling width of 500 mm and a maximum milling depth of 180 mm, is the most powerful milling machine in the Chinese market, and is the "absolute ability". Together with Sino-German cooperation in research and development, domestic manufacturing, adhering to the consistent high quality of the Wirtgen Group products, this equipment has a very high cost performance. Wirtgen Group, close to customers, to help you succeed in your career!

Wirtgen's half-meter milling machine W 50 H is now available in China. Please contact Wirtgen China and local distributors for more product information and application solutions. (This article is from Wirtgen)

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