· Zhidou electric car Wuhan monopoly Shantou sales exceeded 200 vehicles

In the winter, Zhidou electric car has already felt the spring of the new energy car market in advance. On December 14th, Zhongtai Zhidou and Hubei jointly organized a large-scale group buying activity for electric vehicles in Wuhan, and the final order quantity reached 205 units on the same day. According to Jin Weimin, general manager of Shandong Zhidou Automobile Sales Co., Ltd., Zhidou Electric Vehicle has been listed and promoted in several demonstration cities, with a cumulative sales volume of nearly 7,000 this year.
This is the second time that Zhongtai Zhidou has held a large group purchase activity in Wuhan. The sales volume of the previous round of group purchases on September 21 reached 122 units. This round once again refreshed the single-day sales record of domestic new energy vehicles. Jin Weimin pointed out that Wuhan's new energy vehicle policy is very "powerful", and measures such as unlimited travel and tax exemption for cars have created a good environment for the purchase and use of new energy vehicles. (See: National Electric Vehicle Owners' Happiness Index ranked first in Wuhan) In the first round of Zhidou electric car group buying activities, through experience marketing to let consumers know about electric vehicles, the recognition of the first batch of car owners for product quality has also accumulated a reputation for promotion. “Specially, consumers call to ask when they will hold group purchases again. After all, the price of group purchases is more favorable. This also shows that Wuhan consumers have great demand for new energy vehicles, and our products meet the needs.” Jin Weimin said.
Zhidou is a two-door two-seat electric car that is being developed in the south. It is sold for only 45,800 yuan in Wuhan. With its small and flexible design and the price of being close to the people, Zhidou has been welcomed by many consumers after its launch. Jin Weimin said: "Knowledge bean electric car group purchase activities are really sold to ordinary people, unlike the general government or enterprise bulk purchase, which requires us to do adequate work in products, services, etc., in private energy vehicles. Consumers know that bean electric cars are leading."
Wuhan Ankai Auto Sales & Service Co., Ltd. is currently the agent of Zhongtai Zhidou in Wuhan. According to its general manager Zhang Kaijia, there are many new energy auto brands in the Wuhan market, but the real large-scale sales in the market are few. At present, the best-selling new energy vehicles, in addition to specific group purchase activities, have maintained monthly sales of more than 60 vehicles. He believes that the positioning and promotion mode of Zhidou electric vehicles are very suitable for the market demand, and then will adopt targeted marketing strategies to increase the promotion of electric vehicles.
Both Jin Weimin and Zhang Kaijia mentioned that Wuhan's new energy vehicle promotion policy is very supportive. In particular, individuals who purchase new energy vehicles are given local subsidies in addition to the national subsidy standard of 1:1 (the total amount of the two-level subsidies does not exceed In addition to the vehicle price of 60%, the company also enjoys exemption from vehicle and vessel tax, exemption of city road and bridge tunnel vehicle tolls, free charging in designated public charging facilities, and restrictions on the number of tails when driving in the city. Wuhan's new energy vehicle policy is really eye-catching in all the demonstration cities, but the overall promotion results are not satisfactory.
According to the results of the current round of promotion of the new energy vehicle demonstration city announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on November 21, as of September 2014, the total promotion target of 10,500 vehicles in Wuhan was less than 400. The policy is so good, why not push it?
A person in charge of the Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau accepted an interview with the first electric network reporter: “The promotion of new energy vehicles depends on the market. Wuhan is an open market. Many new energy brands have come in, but only Zhongtai Zhidou Such one or two are really selling, many new energy 4S stores do not have cars. In fact, there are often consumers to consult new energy vehicles, the demand for car is still very large."
In addition, the person in charge also revealed that Wuhan is accelerating the promotion of new energy vehicles. At the end of the year, 200 online charging buses will be put into operation; the construction of the entire charging pile has been planned, and 1,280 charging piles will be built next year. The person in charge said that he still has the confidence to complete the promotion task, and he also called for more new energy auto companies to truly participate in the market.
In contrast, Zhongtai Zhidou's emphasis on the promotion of electric vehicles and promotion efforts should not be underestimated. According to Jin Weimin, not only Wuhan, but also the sales of beans in Guangzhou, Tianjin, Hangzhou and other places are popular, and are widely welcomed by consumers. “The positive development, flexible and practical advantages of the products, mature and reliable services and good models are the main factors that contribute to the sales success. We will continue to promote and make new energy vehicles truly fly into the homes of ordinary people.”

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